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Sutton Courtenay Lane Closure Update

Letter Dated August 23

This letter is to inform you that Diageo Pension Trust Limited is submitting an amendment to the development proposed under Planning Application: P18N1349/FUL.
At its July meeting Sutton Courtenay Parish Council expressed concerns regarding the siting of the HGV loading bay and made other comments.

Full Letter

100 CLUB “Draw Winners”

The seventh 100 Club draw of 2018 took place Sunday 19 August. There are currently 63 members, so the total prize fund this month is £63.00 which has been split as follows:

1st (no 16) - Charlotte Browning - £31.50

2nd (no 66) - Jean Dunlop - £18.90
3rd (no 71) - Hayley Priscott - £12.60
Prizes will be delivered to the winners shortly!


Please do advertise to family and friends - we have 37 places remaining and it would be great if we could fill a few more of these:

The next draw will take place on Sunday 16 September – good luck!

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