Neighbourhood Policing

Abingdon Area Neighbourhood Team Newsletter by Sergeant Tim Pavey

We are still receiving reports of burglaries in our area. We have been running Operation Monitor for six months (our operation to combat dwelling burglary) and reports show that in a large proportion of our burglary suspects have gained entry to properties through insecure doors and windows. Access to the rear of properties has also been made easy by insecure side/rear gates. Are you making it easy for burglars? Please review your security, make sure that all of your windows and doors are locked before going to bed or going out. Lock your cars and keep keys away from doors and windows. Fit a lock on any gates and sheds and install security lighting and CCTV. If you would like any further advice, please email the team using details at the bottom of the page.
Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB)
Our anti-social behaviour patrols in the town centre have continued over the festive period. On the whole incidents have remained low with only a small minority of people reported as causing issues. One young man was taken home by officers after being verbally abusive in Bury Street.
Whilst out patrolling The Abbey Gardens and Albert Park two men and one woman were stop checked and found to have cannabis on them, details taken, cannabis seized, and all parties are due at the police station to be interviewed.
We received reports of motorcycle ASB in the area of Thrupp Lane and Barton Lane. The team have spoken to and given Section 59 warnings (this is a warning notice on both the bike and rider and if either are involved in ASB in the future the bike can be seized). The result is that we have since only had one incident. We will continue to patrol and monitor the situation.
On 27 December we received reports of graffiti to the bus shelter in Harwell Road. This has been reported to the company that manage the bus shelter and will be cleaned off shortly. If you have any information on who caused this damage, please let us know using the contact details at the bottom of the page.
Offenders brought to Justice
• On 23 December a group of males sat in a car on St Marys Green, smelling of cannabis. All four males were detained and stop searched, and one was found with a small amount of cannabis, a street caution was issued.
• On 31 December a man was arrested after he came to the attention of our roads policing officers in Marcham Road, the man decided he didn’t want to wait and speak to officers and ran off. The man was quickly found and arrested. He has subsequently been charged with three offences, ‘Taking a vehicle without consent’, ‘Driving whilst disqualified’ and ‘Driving without insurance’.
• Jason Tampin, age 37, was remanded in custody over the Christmas period after being charged with a number of offences in the Abingdon town area. The charges, including drugs offences, possession of an offensive weapon and several breaches of a Criminal Behaviour Order will be heard on 10/01/19. Tampin has been responsible for a great deal of antisocial behaviour in the town over the past year and so it is a great result to finally bring him to justice.
• Philip Knowles was also remanded in December, again as a result of a number of offences. Knowles was charged with several public order offences, as well as drugs & weapons offences and also two assaults including one on a police officer. Knowles will be in court for these offences on 17/01/19
• On 09 January a man was arrested for a burglary in Drayton that occurred on the 21st – 22nd December. More details will follow.
Scam calls continue to be a concern on our area and thankfully most of the recipients of these calls are able to avoid becoming a victim. We understand that these fraudsters can be very convincing and generally target the more vulnerable residents but our best tool for tackling this issue is knowledge. Here are some basic tips for how to avoid becoming a victim to these scams;
• No company should require your bank or card details over the phone, especially your PIN number. These details are only required when making a purchase or placing an order.
• No bank or authorities (Police, HMRC etc.) will call you to ask for personal or banking details
• If residents have any concerns regarding calls or messages they have received and think they may be being targeted by a scam, please do not hesitate to call the local team on 101. Better to be safe than sorry.
On Wednesday 05 December 2018 PCSO Blood was invited by NatWest Bank to attend a presentation to become a ‘Friends against Scams’. Friends against Scams is a national Trading Standards initiative which aims to protect and prevent people from becoming victims of scams. The knowledge gained can be passed to family, friends, colleagues and neighbours.
What else have we been up to?
The team have maintained high visibility patrols in the town centre and visiting and engaging with various shops to deter shoplifting and purse thefts.
On Saturday 05 January the Neighbourhood Team ran a follow up test purchasing operation in partnership with Vale of the White Horse Licencing. We visited seven pubs and shops including some that had failed previously. The South and Vale cadets supported us and tried to purchase alcohol underage with no I.D. The good news is that all seven premises passed as they had listened to advice given following the last operation.
Please get in touch/follow us using the following:
Twitter: @tvpsouthandvale
Phone: 101


Latest Thames Valley newsletter from Matthew Barber, Deputy Police & Crime Commissioner

John Campbell chosen as the preferred candidate to be Thames Valley Chief Constable

The Police and Crime Commissioner for Thames Valley, Anthony Stansfeld, has chosen John Campbell as his proposed appointment for Thames Valley Police Chief Constable.

John Campbell is the current Deputy Chief Constable of Thames Valley Police, a position he has held since 2015.

Anthony Stansfeld said: “After a detailed selection process I am delighted to announce that John Campbell is my preferred candidate to be appointed as the next Chief Constable for Thames Valley Police.  I look to forward to working closely with him in the future.”

Deputy Chief Constable John Campbell said: “I feel privileged to be chosen as the preferred candidate for the next Chief Constable of Thames Valley Police.

“I am very proud to have been a Chief Officer with Thames Valley Police for over 8 years, and look to take over from an outstanding Chief Constable in Francis Habgood. I hope to build on his successes in my tenure as Chief.

“It will be an honour to lead all those who work and volunteer for us so that we can continue to deliver a police force that protects the communities of the Thames Valley and gives the public the standard of service that they deserve.”

Read more on my website

Thames Valley launches PCSO Apprenticeships

In 2019, TVP are introducing a range of new entry routes into policing, including the newly launched Police Community Support Officer Apprenticeship (PCSOA). 

Applications are now open for our new PCSO Apprenticeship, with the first cohort of Officers planned to join the force in May.

Matthew Barber, Deputy Police & Crime Commissioner said; “This is a great opportunity for people to learn on the job and gain valuable qualifications. Policing is a complex business and the public rightly expect the best from Thames Valley Police. The new PCSO apprentices will play a vital role in delivering policing in our communities and transforming routes into policing.”

Click here to find out more about the apprenticeship scheme and the role of PCSOs.

Community Policing Awards 2019

The Community Policing Awards take place each year at a ceremony held at Eynsham Hall near Witney in Oxfordshire in May.

This ceremony is now in its eighteenth year and provides an opportunity to recognise and nominate the work of officers, staff and volunteers who have made the greatest contribution to their community over the past year.

The nominations will then be sifted down to a shortlist, and a panel of judges will make the final decision of who the community champions of the year are.

Click on one of the eight categories below to find out more and nominate someone...

1. Community Police Officer 2019
2. Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) 2019
3. Special Constable 2019
4. Diversity Champion 2019
5. Cadet 2019
6. Volunteer 2019
7. Community Volunteer 2019
8. Problem Solving Award 2019

PCC announces more investment in frontline policing for the Thames Valley

The Police and Crime Commissioner, Anthony Stansfeld, has today (22/1) approved the capital and revenue plans presented to him by Chief Constable Francis Habgood.

After funding pay and price rises, the increase in Council Tax agreed todayenables an investment of around £8.5m in a number of priority policing areas. We will:

  • Improve services to the public through contact management by reducing 101 call handling times
  • Increase frontline policing by recruiting additional officers and staff to respond to increasing crime demand and complexity
  • Improve our investigative capacity and process for complex crimes
  • Increase our digital capability by exploiting the modern platforms we have been investing in   

Anthony Stansfeld Police and Crime Commissioner said

“In December I welcomed the Government’s funding settlement which increased funding for policing and recognised the demand placed on policing nationally.  

“Over £100 million has been cut from Thames Valley Police’s annual budget over the last 8 years. While the Force continues to prioritise its work and make efficiency savings, there was significant concern that budget pressures would lead to unacceptable reductions in resources which would impact frontline policing and result in a service less able to respond to increases in demand.

“The 2019/20 funding settlement has allowed us to avoid a reduction in resource and I am pleased to be able to agree a budget today which enables Thames Valley Police to invest in operational policing to help protect our communities. 

“It is important to recognise, however that more than half of the funding in the Governments 2019/20 settlement (£509m) available nationally to Police and Crime Commissioners is expected to come from local taxpayers by increasing the police portion of the Council Tax. 

“Before I made a decision on the level of Council Tax, I sought views of the residents of the Thames Valley. Of the 8,031 people who completed the survey, 69.7% agreed to an increase to fund policing.  I am therefore proposing an increase in the police portion of the Council Tax in 2019/20 of £24 for the equivalent of a Band D property.

“After funding pay and price rise, the increase in Council Tax enables me to invest around £8.5m in a number of priority policing areas.  These include the recruitment of additional officers to respond to increasing crime demand and complexity, improved service to the public in investment in 101 call handling, the recruitment of investigators to tackle complex crime and, investment in technology to improve productivity and efficiency.

“I am confident that the budget proposed protects our communities today and plans for the future.  Over the next four years, Thames Valley Police will need to continue to make efficiency savings of over £15m with demand on services expected to continue to increase through increased reporting of complex crime and the growing challenge from serious organised crime networks”. 

“The budget will now go to the Police and Crime Panel on the 1 February for final ratification.”

Francis Habgood Chief Constable of Thames Valley Police said:

“Firstly I would like to thank the public for showing their support for policing.

“Without this additional investment we would have faced further cuts and it would have seriously damaged our ability to provide the policing services that we want to and our communities expect.

“The increase agreed today will enable us to recruit additional officers and staff to respond to increased demand, recruit more investigators to tackle the increase in complex crimes, deliver an improved 101 service and to invest in technology to improve productivity and efficiency.”