Milton Parish Council Annual General Meeting

Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting duly convened and held in The Milton Methodist Church Hall, Milton on 8th May 2017

Chairman Mrs Z Hoskins

The Clerk and 12 members of the public were present.
Cllrs Stuart Davenport and Richard Webber

The Chairman opened the meeting at 7.15pm according to the published agenda displayed on the Meeting Notice Board.

1. Apologies for Absence
Damascus Youth Project.

2. Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting of 23rd May 2016
The minutes were duly approved and signed by the Chairman.

3. Matters arising from the previous minutes
The Community LED Plan was completed and several committees/working parties have been formed.
Milton Heights Development at Milton Heights has been approved. There will be a new building on the sports field which will be a Community Hall with Sports Pavilion facilities.
This building will be owned by the Parish and run by a committee. Milton United Football Club (MUFC) are seeking a lease rather than a license and this is under discussion.
The application for Elm Yard was refused and they are to clear the site.
The printing of Milton Matters is now being outsourced due to the failure of the photocopier. We must thank those who produced the newsletter over the years, especially Mr. Woodgett, and thank those who have come forward to continue its future.
We continue to liaise with MEPC and the Power Station and we thank Cllrs Fyfe and McGrath for representing the council.
Work is in progress on Back Hill tunnel and it should open this summer.
The Jaguar Land Rover building is up and running
High Street speeding and parking continues to be a problem and we are considering different options to help with the problem.
The Cinder track between Milton and Steventon is to be made a cycle path before work on the bridge commences.
The new play equipment in the Squire Barrett recreation ground is being well used.
The proposed development of 48 houses by Linden Homes was rejected and the time to appeal has lapsed. This does not mean that they will not put in an alternative application.
The development of 18 houses on the old allotments is going ahead.

4. Reports from Community Organisations


A presentation was given by two pupils from the school, Keeley and Cleon with a little help from Mrs Ruth Leach and a slide show.
The presentation gave an insight into the workings and activities the school has undertaken during the last year, some of which are noted below: -
The Red Dragon pre-school transition is made easier for the children as they share a playground. Maple class will be doing a production of Bugsy Malone and the school Choir sang at the Oxford Town Hall. Poplar class had a trip to Stonehenge and there was also a trip for years 5 and 6 to Kingswood activity centre on the Isle of Wight. Science days have been held and a field tournament was held for Badminton, Netball and Tennis.
Mrs Curtis retired on April 24th. Megan Gilpin joined the school and is the first ex pupil to return to the school as a teacher.
By September 2017 the school capacity will be 105 pupils and by 2019 it will be 210.

5. Report by the Chairman of the work of the Parish Council during the past year

This has been a busy year with many changes taking place in the Parish and on the Parish Council. Cllr Glazebrook resigned as did Lucy Dalby the clerk. I would like to thank our present clerk, Jacquie, who has been a delight to work with but is leaving us at the end of May. After advertising in Milton Matters and on the Oxford Association of Local Councils (OALC) website, three applicants were received. Having received their CV’s and references, we interviewed the candidates and decided to appoint Joanne Myers as our new clerk who will work alongside Jacquie during May. I would like to thank all councillors and clerks for their hard work over the year, and our thanks to Richard Webber, our County Councillor and Stuart Davenport our District Councillor for the village. Unfortunately, our District Councillor for Milton Heights has been conspicuous by his absence. This has been rather disappointing with the amount of approved and probable future development in this part of the Parish, so special thanks to Stuart Davenport for his help.

Cllr Keogh has also resigned, due to his workload he felt he could not devote enough time to Parish work. We now have five councillors out of our allocated number of seven for our Parish. As Cllr Fyfe is in ill health at present, we are only working with four councillors and this is not ideal. We really need another two people to come forward who would like to volunteer and be co-opted onto the council. Although all councillors work for the good of the whole Parish, there are no councillors from Milton Heights part of the parish.

We continue to liaise with MEPC and the Power Station. We thank them for their help and donations in the past and look forward to good relations in the future.

The new development at Milton Heights will make a significant difference to the Parish as will part of Valley Park which falls in our Parish. With approximately 800 dwellings in the Valley and 458 at Milton Heights, 18 on the allotments and a further application for 53 dwellings at Milton Heights our parish will be tripled in size. The application for 53 dwellings will be discussed at our meeting on Wednesday 10th May. When the planning application for the 458 houses at Milton Heights was passed, the committee praised all parties concerned for having worked together to overcome problems before the decision stage.

Although the Parish Council objected, two planning applications were passed in April for a hotel and shop, two restaurants and two food drive throughs on the front piece of land by the Applecart. Also, planning for six industrial buildings on the land behind was passed. This can only lead to more congestion on the A4130 and the new roundabout which was supposed to relieve congestion.

As dog litter can now be placed in ordinary litter bins, we are going to remove the dog bins which will be a saving of almost £500 per annum, the cost to have them emptied. There will some new ordinary litter bins in new positions and we will be looking for sponsors for these. We already have the promise of one sponsor.

The councillors reviewed the scale of charges for the cemetery and decided, due to space, only people who were living in the Parish at the time of their death, or who had lived in the Parish for many years and moved to a hospital or a home due to ill health, could be buried there.

Several trees were removed from Squire Barrett recreation ground as they were dead or dying. Others were cut back as was the tree at the junction of Pembroke Lane with the High Street.

We are in the process of setting up a new website. This will have all the details of meetings, agendas, minutes, councillors contact details etc. There will also be links to other Parish websites.

The Pack Horse and Plum Pudding public houses have been registered as Assets of Community Value. This means, should either be up for sale, the Parish would have the option to purchase.

Moor Ditch was cleared of the ever encroaching weed which had to be specially removed and destroyed. This should also alleviate the flooding problem in that area.

As there will be new play equipment in the Lambe Avenue play area from S106 money from the new development, we are just having the existing equipment spruced up.

There will be a stall at the Tadpole Feast for the older children of the Parish to put forward their ideas of what they would like in the Parish for their age range. This will be run by Damascus with the help of the Parish council.

A new laptop, printer and mobile telephone were purchased for the use of the clerk. However, apart from the four-drawer wooden filing cabinet being in disrepair, it is not fireproof as we are obliged to have. I have prices for a new cabinet which will be discussed at our PC meeting on Wednesday.

At two of our PC meetings we had speakers from MEPC and Thames Water which were very informative. Perhaps other speakers could attend our meetings if parishioners wished.

Lastly, all councillors and our clerk have or will be attending training courses provided by OALC. These courses include roles and responsibilities, planning for councillors and different courses covering all aspects of the clerk’s role.

Reports from Community Organisations – continued


Financial Report for year ended 31st March 2017
The advertising Income for this year has increased slightly from previous years. The expenditure has also increased due to total breakdown of the photocopier and three issues of Milton Matters being printed at a professional printer.
The Bank balance at the end of March 2017 stands at £1399.93

Changes to Milton Matters
Martin Woodgett has now resigned from Milton Matters and this has been handed over to a committee made up of five volunteers from the village. We would like to take this opportunity to formally thank Martin for all he has done for Milton Matters over the past ten years.

As mentioned previously, the photocopier used to print Milton Matters which was housed and looked after by Martin broke down and was not able to be repaired. As no volunteer could be found to house another photocopier and to take on the role of printing and collating Milton Matters each month, we have had to out-source this to a local printer. Hobbs on Milton Park provided the best quote and have agreed to hold the page rate for 12 months.

This has significantly increased the monthly expenditure and annual printing costs for Milton Matters and so we need to bring in additional income to cover these costs. Following discussion from the newly formed committee, we will be looking at the following:
1. The cost of advertising to be increased – this has already happened.
2. We are actively looking for more local businesses to advertise.
3. We are looking as asking larger businesses to sponsor Milton Matters, this would be done on a month by month basis.
We are in the process of putting together a budget to ensure that we can sustain Milton Matters long term. As well as including the additional income above, it will also include the extra printing costs for additional copies required for distribution to new houses being built within Milton Parish.


MICE was formed well over ten years ago to organise and promote community events in the Parish of Milton, with a view to villagers getting to know one another a little better. All MICE members give their time freely and I believe that Milton Parish is a better place for their efforts.

MICE ran the following events in 2016: -

Duck Race May 2016, Tadpole Feast June 2016, Bonfire Night November 2016 and Murder Mystery Night December 2016.

Our last AGM was in September 2016.

The proceeds of the duck race are traditionally donated to the running costs of St Blaise Church. This is the usual case, as the duck race was running before MICE was formed, principally by the bell ringers. Mice members are happy to join in and help and we have taken over the advertising and organisation.

THE MICE AGM minutes reported a bank balance of £3403.52 as at 31/07/2016. Since then £1400 has been donated to the St Blaise Community Space Project (CSP). The proceeds of the Murder Mystery Night were banked directly in the CSP account.

The tadpole Feast organising sub-group agreed to make a further donation to the CSP following the 2017 Tadpole Feast, principally to help with the purchase of folding tables which will be available for all community events.

When the works at St Blaise are finished, sometime in June, MICE intends to organise and event to celebrate what is effectively out joint usage village church and village hall.

With the duck race over for another year, we look forward to the Tadpole Feast on Saturday 1st July 2.30 – 5.00 pm, followed by an evening Barn Dance at 7.30 pm.

DAMASCUS - Report read by the Z Hoskins in their absence

We have had a successful year in Milton, with our work increasing as the village welcomes new homes and with it new families (and often new challenges). We are finding that young people are far more mobile now and we see many Milton youngsters in the other Damascus villages, for example, we have six young people from Milton at out Sutton Courtenay youth club.

Over the past year, we have supported 22 young people in the village through a variety of methods:

• Street Work – youth workers hit the streets in the evenings, engaging with young people and building relationships.
• One to one support – young people can find us sat our Milton Park office and drop by for support and advise.
• Support in accessing Education, Employment or Training opportunities – whether that’s finding an apprenticeship, helping with driving theory test, revision/study support, writing a CV or applying for college or university.
• Gazebo drop in – we often set up our gazebo with chairs, games and hot drinks in the parks during evenings and half term to engage with young people, identify needs and set up support plans.
• Gym sessions – we have used the Park Club gym to deliver sports and well-being sessions for young people in Milton and other DAMASCUS villages.

Future Events: We will be at the Tadpole Feast in July, consulting young people on their thoughts of their village. Please keep an eye out for our gazebo and come and say hello!

MILTON HILL BOWLING CLUB – Derek Rees - Chairman

The last year saw Milton Hill Bowls Club well established in its fifteenth season at its current site at the end of the drive behind Milton United Football Club (MUFC). Having evolved from the Esso Research Bowls Club we are a mixed club of over 50 members offering an all-weather carpet playing surface.

Affiliated to the Royal County of Berkshire Bowls Association in 2016 our teams played 48 competitive matches in two of the men’s Kennett leagues, in the Ladies Ridgeway league and the mixed Ashley-Baker league.

Usually a mid-table club, last year our men unexpectedly won the Western division of their league and had to play off in the county final against a Maidenhead side for the title. As this was beyond the end of the usual season when our best players take their holiday’s we couldn’t put out our strongest side and finished a creditable second. Our ladies team again did well being runners up in the local Ridgeway league. We also completed a schedule of 20 weekend mixed friendly matches in the year mostly against sides we do not meet in the leagues but with whom we have cordial arrangements going back many years. Our matches take us in all directions as far afield as Caversham, Ramsbury by Marlborough, Burfield south of Reading to Kingston Bagpuize and Watlington. Of course, we have our own internal competitions to find club champions at the various formats of the game and, because we do not have to be quite as precious about damage to the artificial surface as we would if it were grass, members can turn up for a game at any time. It is a bonus that it takes less physical effort to play on our carpet so is the surface of choice for many older or less physical players.

Set among currently green field at Milton Heights we are excited about future developments in the immediate area. This could be a boom for us with a larger population from which to draw members. We have already benefited from the S106 funds to improve our green cleaning equipment to mitigate the effects of the airborne dust that will be generated, and to replace the carpet when the worst of the groundworks will be completed. This releases our own previously earmarked funds to be used for an extension to the pavilion for much needed improved changing facilities. This last year proved to be interesting times and we were pleased to be associated with the stakeholder consultation group with Harry, the Hartwrights, MUFC, Milton PC, St Blaise school, Councillor Webber and others in overcoming a complicated set of circumstances to reach an outcome satisfactory to all. We look forward to similar liaison regarding the Community building at the football club and hope the application for that impresses the planning committee as much as the last one did.

Bowls is a social game for sunny days, a roll-up, some tea and cake and a chat. Our oldest playing member is 93 years young, our youngest is still working. With our easy to use surface and improving facilities the future is brighter than at most clubs. Our recent Open Day attracted several new members who will take advantage of the informal coaching sessions every Monday evening starting at 6pm when anyone – of whatever age – is invited to come and have a go. We look forward to seeing you.

MILTON UNITED FOOTBALL CLUB (MUFC) – Andy Burchette - Chairman

Once again throughout 2016/17 season the challenges both on and off the pitch seemed to be increasing and constantly demanding our full attention. It is fair to say that football aside this has been a very significant year in the history of MUFC and one that we hope will shape and define a positive future. Of course, by this I mean the clubs involvement in the Milton Heights Development together with the Parish Council (PC), School, Developer and Landowners. The club believed from the outset that it was essential that we get funding and approval for a replacement clubhouse that could accommodate community groups and activities.

Working with the PC and mindful of the needs of St Blaise school and the new community, the club remain a significant stakeholder and net contributor to the realisation of new and improved facilities at Milton. The club is currently in the process of selling its land to facilitate the much-needed expansion of the school. At this time, we are waiting on the VOWH council to publish the agreed 106 decision. Within the decision will be our hard-earned arrangements (both financial and timelines) for a replacement clubhouse which will be a community building and pitches.

We may if all goes well be looking at a new building at the end of next season and the ‘business continuity’ challenges will exercise out flexibility and indeed our patience no doubt.

We are doing this to facilitate sport and leisure in our community and this year we have had varying levels of success on the pitch as well.

Milton United’s First Team has been competing in the Hellenic Division 1 West and Cup competitions that also included the FA Cup and FA Vase. The team had an average year, not quite hitting form for any significant length of time. So, next season is very much about re-grouping and we have appointed new management in Tim Davies and Craig Griffiths to encourage a local and youthful team to press forward with.

The Youth and Girls teams continue to do well, in particular the girls U18’s have had a fantastic year winning their league unbeaten and reaching the final of the County Cup. Milton United are especially proud of the clubs efforts in hosting Schools Representative Football, we are considered to be the home of the Vales Representative teams who openly admit that without Milton United’s support there would be no Schools representative team for the Vale.

We have once again hosted a number of Cup Finals, as Leagues appreciate our facilities and hospitality. The Club has justifiably received high praise from all quarters.

Our real frustration is that although we are a good club, with huge potential to do more for local sport and the community our number one restricting factor is lack of help/volunteers. Those that are already helping in various roles are already heavily committed: with double the numbers we can indeed do twice as much. Therefore, we would welcome anyone who would like to get involved at the club.

The pitches and grounds are still in excellent condition is purely down to the clubs hard work.

Looking forward to next season Milton United FC will be entering 2 senior teams into the Hellenic League, U18 girls team will enter the Thames Counties League, the U16’s will enter Oxfordshire Invitation League and our remaining youth teams will enter the Oxford Mail Youth League. We will be supporting Hellenic Veterans Teams and the Upper Thames Valley Sunday League. Additionally, we will continue to support the English Schools FA and host Vale and County Level School representative football. All of which will require a huge effort.

MILTON WELFARE TRUST - Zena Hoskins - Chair

As there is no Vicar incumbent, Joy Browning, Ann Cannon and I are still the three Trustees.

We are only allowed to spend the interest accrued, which is to help any Parishioner in need. Although we place the contact details of the Trustees in Milton Matters from time to time, and request names of anyone needing help, there have been no requests for help again this year.

We decided to continue with the usual gift at Christmas to widows and widowers of pensionable age in the Parish. This we did last December, and each received a Christmas card and £10.

I believe we may be allocated a priest in due course. Should this happen, the trustees may change as the new vicar should become a trustee. It may then be time for a new Parish Council representative, but until then, I would like to remain the Parish Council representative to maintain continuity, which I hope will be passed at the Annual Parish Council meeting on Wednesday 10th May.


County and District councillor’s reports: -

Councillors Davenport and Webber are unable to make the PC meeting on Wednesday.

Cllr Davenport spoke about the Local Plan part 2, he also reported that the Vale had a good year and are fourth in the country for recycling. There are good resources in the vale for leisure, a large refurbishment at the White Horse Leisure and Tennis centre is now complete and the future development of the new leisure centre in Wantage is imminent.

Councillor Webber was congratulated on his recent success in the local elections.
Cllr Webber reported that the county council was ‘hung’ with no party having overall control, he thought it likely that the Conservatives would negotiate with the Independents to gain control.
Councillor Webber said he would be working with Cllr Davenport on the housing developments.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.30 pm

Extract from the draft minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council held on Tuesday 03 May 2016 in the Community Room, St Blaise School, Milton Heights.
Present: Cllrs Simon Glazebrook (Chair), Robert Fyfe, Simon Keogh and Tim McGrath
In Attendance: Lucy Dalby (Clerk) and one member of the public. 
Apologies: Apologies for absence were received from Cllr Mark Smith and County Cllr Richard Webber.

Public Participation: A resident requested that a public meeting be held with the Parish Council and Linden Homes.

Election of Chairman of the Council and to receive the Chairman's Declaration of Acceptance of Office: 
It was proposed by Cllr Robert Fyfe and RESOLVED to elect Cllr Simon Glazebrook as Chairman. Cllr Simon Glazebrook signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office in the presence of the Clerk.

Approval of Minutes: The minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held on 04 April 2016 were agreed with two amendments and signed by the Chairman.
Standing Orders for Milton (Abingdon) Parish Council: It was RESOLVED to approve and adopt the Standing Orders.
Financial Regulations for Milton (Abingdon) Parish Council: It was RESOLVED to approve and adopt the Financial Regulations.
Internal Auditor: It was RESOLVED to appoint Roger Symes as Internal Auditor.
Appoint Representatives to the following committees: The following representatives were agreed:
Power Station Liaison Committee - Cllrs Robert Fyfe and Tim McGrath
Milton Park Liaison Group - Cllrs Simon Glazebrook, Robert Fyfe, Simon Keogh and Tim McGrath. It was agreed that the Clerk would write to MEPC requesting that terms of reference for the Group are adopted
Flood Action Group - Cllrs Simon Glazebrook and Tim McGrath

Asset Register:
 The asset register was reviewed and confirmed.
Council Insurance Policy: The insurance policy was confirmed. It was agreed to review the provider next year.
Council Policies: The Complaints Policy was adopted
Freedom of Information Policies - to be reviewed
The Risk Assessment - was adopted

Play Area Inspection Report: The April play area inspection report was noted. There are no current issues.

Planning Applications:
P16/V0886/A - proposed new signage Plot B Park Drive, Milton Park. PC comment - no objection
P16/V0755/RM - reserved matters application for P14/V0052/O 18 dwellings land adjoining Drayton Road Milton. PC comment - object

Expansion of Milton Heights: The history of the site and current proposal for Milton Heights was discussed. It was agreed that a meeting with OCC to discuss the future needs of the school was needed.

Items for report and inclusion on June's Agenda:
Grass cutting
Pembroke Lane tree
Report willow tree amongst telephone wires on High Street
Linden Homes meeting
Community Led Plan
Elm Yard enforcement
Highway issues High Street

Next Meeting: It was confirmed that the next meeting of the Parish Council would be held on Monday 06 June 2016 at Milton Methodist Hall commencing 7.30pm.