Milton Parish Council

Minutes November 2018 - CLERK COPY – Unofficial until approved by the next meeting of the Parish Council can be downloaded from this link


Parish councils play an important role in the local community and are a vital link to District and County Councils. Milton Parish Council have had a busy year:
New Councillor - we co-opted Cllr Nigel Hewitson, from Milton Hill. Nigel is a planning solicitor, with extensive experience of working for and advising local authorities as well as private landowners and developers.
New Community Building with sporting facilities at Milton Heights – we are currently in the process of developing a new Community Building. Milton United Football Club and the Parish Council have been working together and identified the need to appoint a consultant, who will manage the project through the planning process and build. Six companies were invited to tender for the contract. We are now applying to The Vale of White Horse District Council to release funds to Milton Parish Council to enable us to appoint a consultant and proceed with the project.
Defibrillators – A defibrillator is a device that gives a high energy electric shock to the heart through the chest wall to someone who is in cardiac arrest. Milton Parish Council have been awarded a Grant from SSE to purchase two defibrillators. One will be located at The Plum Pudding and the second will be located at Milton Heights.
Radar Speed Camera – The figures reported in the Community Led Plan (published in 2016) indicated that there is a general concern about traffic speed within the Parish but is a particular issue in High Street for village residents. A speed indicator, similar to that in Drayton, was suggested. We are currently investigating the different radar signs with a view to purchasing one in 2019.

Grant awarded to DAMASCUS – The Abingdon DAMASCUS Youth Project applied for a grant and was awarded £1,500 from Milton Parish Council to support their work within the Parish. Our Grant Awarding Policy and Application form can be found at
Training & Qualifications - Councillors attended Roles and Responsibilities training and our Clerk attended over 50 hours of training, including VAT, General Data Protection, Responsible Financial Officer training. Our Clerk started the CiLCA (Certificate in Local Council Administration) qualification in September and has 12 months to complete the portfolio.
Burial Space - We are currently investigating the possibility to increase the number of burial and ashes plots within the existing cemetery space.
Village Green - We are currently investigating purchasing land to be used as a village green. As a Parish we do not currently have a village green. The space could potentially be used by dog walkers.
Next Year - 2019 will continue to be busy for the Parish Council, we are committed to developing the new community building with sporting facilities. We hope the facility will be used by as many residents and community groups as possible and will become a vital link in strengthening the community at Milton Heights. Parish Council elections will take place on 02 May.
Invitation to meet your Parish Council - Please join us for mince pies and mulled wine at St Blaise School, Milton Heights on Monday 03 December 7.00pm-9.00pm. Meet members of your Parish council and find out about the work we do and how to become a councillor.
We would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.

Emergency Evacuation
At 11.00am each Thursday, RWE carry out the testing of their sirens for evacuation. This usually lasts for 2 minutes each time. At the Liaison Meeting on 12 November, we were informed RWE would be carrying out their annual emergency full evacuation procedure in the next 4-5 weeks. This will take place during working hours, and the sirens will sound for 15 to 20 minutes. This is only a practice to comply with regulations. There is no cause for alarm.

Zena Hoskins
Chair, Milton Parish Council


The road closure in Sutton Courtenay from 30 July until possibly 16 November, is apparently ahead of schedule. This means it may be reopened this month.


Councillors have received reports of dog fouling on the football pitches. This is not acceptable, and everyone is reminded that DOGS ARE NOT ALLOWED in the Squire Barrett playing field, or on the sports field pitches AT ANY TIME.


Any fly tipping or street problems do not need to be reported to the clerk but should be reported directly to “Fix My Street”. These reports go to Oxfordshire County Council and passed to the relevant department.
Street lighting issues should also be reported directly to the telephone number on the lamp posts. Do not forget to give the number on the post.


The bus shelters at Milton Heights have been cleaned and we await a quotation for repair.


We are assured the 'Children Playing' sign for Willow Lane is on the worksheet of Oxfordshire County Council.


We have objected to the licence application by Marriot Hotels as they wish to have music/entertainment outside until 10.00pm at night and inside until 2.00am. We did not feel this appropriate. We have suggested no outside music/entertainment after 9.00pm, nor inside after midnight. We also suggested music/entertainment is not allowed 7 days a week.


The Emergency Plan meeting was poorly attended. If you would like to be involved, please contact the Clerk.


Our next meeting is at 7.15pm on Monday 05 November in the Methodist Hall, when all are welcome to raise any issue you feel we can help with.

Zena Hoskins, Chair
Milton Parish Council

If you are wondering what we, as a Parish Council, have the powers to do and not do, then you will be welcome at a social evening we intend to hold in December. Details will follow in November's issue of Milton Matters.


The road closure in Sutton Courtenay from 30 July until possibly 16 November, is causing more traffic to use our village High Street. This is beyond the control of the Parish Council, but we are monitoring it and our County Councillor undertook a survey early one morning. Please ask the clerk or any councillor if you would like details.


Councillors discussed whether dogs could be allowed in the Squire Barrett for the Tadpole Feast. It was again agreed DOGS ARE NOT ALLOWED in the Squire Barrett playing field, or on the sports field pitches AT ANY TIME.


Any fly tipping or street problems do not need to be reported to the clerk but should be reported directly to “Fix My Street”. Street lighting issues should also be reported directly, and details are on the lamp posts.
Progress is being made regarding the Community building. (Please see separate item).


We are pleased to say the streets in the Redrow development have been named in accordance with those suggested by the school children.


The bus shelters at Milton Heights have been in a poor condition for some time. We apologize for this but have now been told they are owned by the Parish, so they have to be cleaned first before being assessed for repair. Hopefully they will be in a better condition soon.


We are still awaiting the 'Children Playing' sign in Willow Lane.


Under the Remembrance Project, we are applying for a sapling and plaque with the intention of them being placed at Milton Heights, possibly in Blaise Park.


Our next meeting is at 7.15pm on Monday 01 October in St Blaise School, when all are welcome to raise any issue you feel we can help with.

Zena Hoskins
Chair, Milton Parish Council


Firstly, we are sorry to announce Cllr Robert Fyfe has resigned from the Council due to ill health. We have sent him a card with sincere thanks for his vast contribution to Parish affairs over many years and wishing him well for the future.


Parish Council elections are due next year, and we would like to have a duly elected Council. This means more than 7 people must stand. If 7 or less stand, they are automatically elected. However, we do have two vacancies at present, and would ask anyone interested to speak to a Councillor or the Clerk.


The Inspector has made his decision regarding the quoins on the building on the Old Chapel site. They are to be removed.


The Memorial has been refurbished and should last another 20 years.


The Vale have named the roads in the Redrow development at Milton Heights in line with the work the schoolchildren did on World War ll.


The road closure in Sutton Courtenay from 30 July until possibly 16 November will mean more traffic using our High Street. This may cause more hardship for many but may at least slow down some vehicles.


Again, we must remind everyone DOGS ARE NOT ALLOWED in the Squire Barrett playing field, or on the sports field pitches AT ANY TIME.


IMPORTANT WARNING TO PARENTS – Several small canisters, such as those used in fizzy drink makers, have been found in the Parish and could suggest substance abuse. We have also informed DAMASCUS but ask everyone to be aware.


Lastly, the Parish Council does not meet in August, but should anything urgent arise, a meeting will be called so please watch the website and notice boards.
Zena Hoskins
Chair, Milton Parish Council


Redrow were given planning permission for the new layout and dwellings on the site at Milton Heights. We have been working closely with Redrow, MUFC and the Bowls Club regarding the new community building. We are at the stage of requesting quotations for consultants to manage all aspects of the project and hope to make an appointment shortly.


Milton Parish does not have an Emergency Plan. It is hoped to arrange meetings with the VWHDC Emergency Planning Officer. This is not a Parish Council led project. Anyone wishing to be involved should contact the clerk.


We have accepted a quotation for the refurbishment of the War Memorial. This should be completed in the next few weeks. The names of the original roads at Milton Heights are linked with Air Commanders. A project, by the school children on World War 2, has resulted in them suggesting names for the Redrow development and these have been passed to the VWHDC for consideration.


The bus shelters at Milton Heights are both in poor condition. We are awaiting confirmation regarding ownership and will have them repaired as soon as possible.


From Bradstock’s Way to Milton Park roundabout, Harwell Road/Sutton Courtenay Lane will be closed to traffic from 09 July until approximately 16 November. This is to allow roadworks at the new building site.

I have just heard from Fix My Street, the road surface on the A4130 at the junction at Milton heights, is now being 'investigated'. Hopefully, something will be done to improve it.


Helen Kendrick has been made a Dean and we have a new Parish Priest, Phil Sutton. Phil is very keen to be involved in the community and he can be reached by email or phone as shown in the St Blaise Church details.


If you would like to find out more about our Parish, or would like to join us, please speak to any Parish Councillor or our Clerk.


Unwanted Callers:
Several Parishioners were verbally assaulted by one of the cold callers last week.
Trading Standards have sent me stickers to place on front doors. These say you do not want cold callers and if they do call, it is a criminal offence and you can call the Police.
If you would like a free sticker, please get in touch by email.


Zena Hoskins
Chair, Milton Parish Council

The Parish Councillors decided to try a new format for our Annual Parish meeting which was held on 8 May. We asked various organisations, clubs, companies etc. from the Parish, to join us to allow parishioners to ask questions relevant to themselves rather than sit through all the various reports being read out.


Of those invited, 12 took part. These included the headteacher and children from St. Blaise School and representatives from Milton Park, the Football Club, the Bowls Club, the Methodist Church, Redrow Developers and DAMASCUS.


Although a glass of wine was offered, only 10 parishioners attended. However, the school children were very involved, asking questions of other participants and the feedback we received from everyone that evening, agreed it had been both enjoyable and successful, with the hope next year will be even more so.


At the Annual Parish Council meeting, I was elected Chair, with Cllr Mark Smith Vice Chair.


Hopefully the new litter bins will soon be in place and the dog litter bins removed.


If anyone would like any handmade wooden planters or troughs, please contact Cllr Joy Hyde at for more information.


We are in the process of acquiring quotes for the refurbishment of the War Memorial.


We hope to attain a grant for 2 defibrillators and training for their use.


The Parish Council is not responsible for setting up and maintaining an Emergency Plan for the Parish. However, we have now received the new template for the Emergency Plan and will be arranging meetings to ask people to be involved in setting this up. Jonah from VWHDC will be giving a talk in the Methodist Hall. (Please watch notice boards for date.)


The litter on A34 appears to have been cleared somewhat after Cllr Smith contacted OCC and Highways England.


We apologise for the overgrown verges as the grass cutting started late this year. Hopefully, the contractors will catch up soon.

Zena Hoskins
Chair, Milton Parish Council


Dog Owners:
Most dog owners are responsible and care for their dogs and other people. However, some are a little less caring when it comes to where they walk their dogs and how they dispose of their dog's excrement.
There are notices stating dogs are not allowed in our playgrounds and sports field for very good reasons. Dog excrement can, and has, caused blindness in people, especially children.
By law, dogs must be kept under control when in public places (best on a lead). Owners must also clear up after their dogs and place any excrement in one of the many bins around the Parish or take it home and put in the non-recycle bin. There is no need to hang bags in trees or bushes or leave by the side of the road.
Some owners are leaving the excrement where their dog leaves it. Several pieces of dog excrement have been collected from the Squire Barrett playground and the sports field as well as grass verges.
Please be a little more thoughtful and caring for other Parishioners, and visitors to our Parish, when walking your dogs.

This may also save you money as a person from Harwell was recently fined £170 with £230 costs for not clearing up after her dog, so breaching the Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act 1996.

Thank You
Milton Parish Council

New Councillor Co-Opted

The councillors were pleased to welcome Nigel Hewitson, who lives in Milton Hill, when he was co-opted at our April meeting. However, we do not have our full quota yet, so if you are thinking of joining us and would like to know more, please do contact the clerk or any councillor.


Our Annual Parish Meeting will be in St Blaise Church on Tuesday 08 May from 7.15pm to 9.00pm. As in last month's report there will not be reports read out as before, but it will be more a forum as we have asked several clubs, organisations etc to attend for you to ask questions of interest to you. There are notices on the notice boards and in the Post Office giving full details. We hope Parishioners will enjoy our new format and there will be a glass of wine for those attending.


Work commenced on the entrance road to the new development at Milton Heights and we are continuing to work with Redrow, MUFC, the Bowls Club and School regarding the new community building. However, we would like to hear from anyone/group who may wish to use the building, so we can incorporate as many needs as possible.


We are continuing to chase the contractors to put the grass verge by the bus shelter back to a better state.
We are also chasing OCC as litter on the A34 has reached a disgusting level. However, we have received negative replies saying the A34 would have to be closed to carry out the work. We do not agree as there is a marked difference in the amount litter as soon as you cross into Berkshire, where men pick up the litter without road closures, so we will persist.


We are aiming to have more floral displays around the Parish and if anyone wishes to purchase one of the handmade boxes/troughs, your interest can be registered at the Parish Meeting.


The Parish needs to set up an Emergency Plan, for which there is a new format, and there will be a representative at our Annual Parish Meeting for us all to quiz about this.
MEPC have won a 30-month contract to test automotive vehicles on site and between the Park and Didcot Parkway.


There have been numerous planning applications including outline planning permission for over 4000 dwellings on Valley Park (Between Great Western Park and McDonald’s). This was originally for 2000+ to which we objected. We have, of course, objected to this application too. We have received notification that the road between the roundabout by Asda Distribution Centre and Harwell Road, Sutton Courtenay, will be closed from 01 June until 21 December.


Finally, anyone can contact 'Fix My Street' to ask for work to be done to roads, footpaths etc. This does not have to be done by the Parish Council. I am still trying to have the road resurfaced at the junction of A4130 with Milton Heights. If more Parishioners ask for this to be done, it may help.

Zena Hoskins
Chair, Milton Parish Council

Flooding Alert

After the recent heavy rain, we have been alerted to the potential for flooding in the Village from Ginge Brook.


Milton Parish Council will be contacting the Environment Agency and our Local Authority to request written details on any proposed plans to reduce flood risk in our area. Please email Milton Parish Council via to alert us of any potential flood risks or to get involved in flood prevention work.


All flooding incidents need to be reported to the County Council, to ensure they have a clear picture of flooding in Oxfordshire.

Incident Report Form:


Post: Drainage team, Oxfordshire County Council, County Hall, New Road, Oxford, OX1 1ND

Use this link to report a flooded road:


Vale of White Horse District Council wants to collect as much information as possible about what and where has flooded. This may be after the event when the waters have subsided. This information will help us to investigate the situation and provides historic records. Photos and eye witness accounts are useful.


To report flooding to a property, use the Report It form.


My apologies for being unable to have our meeting in March, but we could not be quorate. We do need people to come forward to be co-opted onto the Council and if you would like to know more, please do contact the clerk or any councillor.


The Annual Parish Meeting will be in St Blaise Church on Tuesday 08 May from 7.15pm to 9.00pm. Note Tuesday’s date, as Monday is a Bank Holiday.


Rather than reports being read out as before, we have asked at least twelve clubs, organisations etc to attend for you to ask questions of interest to you. We have not had all the replies as yet but will include a list of those attending in next month's report. We hope many parishioners will come along and there will be a glass of wine for those attending.


Meanwhile our work continues, and we have secured extensions on planning applications until after our next Parish Council meeting which is on Monday 09 April at 7.15pm in the Methodist Hall. This also is later than usual, due to Easter.

Zena Hoskins
Chair, Milton Parish Council

Download Minutes


Full Milton Parish Council Minutes Can Be Downloaded.


The Parish Council are working with Milton United Football Club and others towards the new Community Building. However, this is not just a sporting facility and we would like to hear from any club or group who may wish to use the building in future. This will assist us when drawing up plans. Please contact the clerk with details.


We have not seen the new plans for the Milton Heights development, but we are working closely with the contractors.


Moor Ditch flooded recently, and we are very grateful to Jackie Smith who partially cleared the weeds allowing free flowing once again. MEPC have now completed work on the hedging along Moor Ditch and Old Moor. This does not look so good at present but had to be done before the birds start nesting in March.
I have just heard work has been scheduled to fill the potholes in Pembroke Lane, Old Moor and School Lane. Hopefully it will be done better this time. I am still awaiting a reply regarding the A4130 at the entrance to Milton Heights.


At the Power Station meeting we were told demolition of the collapsed building should be finished by the end of March, with remaining scrap metal removed by the end of the year. It is still proposed to demolish the chimney and towers this summer.


Parking in the High Street lay-by and outside Lamplight House remains a problem and notices will be placed on vehicles parking in these areas. We are also asking for white lines to be painted outside Lamplight House.


There is a small group working towards planting in the Parish. Further news from them. The Parish Council received a cheque for £200 from the Abingdon Marathon for the support they received during the annual road race. This money has been ring-fenced for planting in the Parish.


The Parish Council are in the process of completing all necessary policies. Those already completed can be found on our website, with others being uploaded as they are adopted.
We still have vacancies for TWO councillors. Please consider giving some of your time to help form the future of our Parish.
Zena Hoskins
Chair, Milton Parish Council