Milton Parish Council - Minutes of Meetings

Note all minutes shown prior to September 2017 are draft minutes - Confirmed documents for 2017 can be viewed by clicking this link



Draft minutes inutes of the Parish Council Meeting duly convened and held on  Monday 4th September 2017 at Milton Methodist Hall, Milton at 7.15 pm
Present were: Cllrs Z Hoskins (Chairman), T McGrath (Vice Chairman), M Smith & S Jarvis
In attendance: J. Myers (Clerk), County Cllr Richard Webber, District Cllr Stuart Davenport   There were 6 members of the public present.

Apologies for Absence:

Apologies were received from Cllr Ffye.
Declarations of Interest:

There were no declarations.

Public Participation

Milton United Football Club
Andy Burchette, Chairman of Milton United Football Club. Reported the fundraising event was a success with £3,000 raised towards Helen Douglas House. MUFC thanked MPC for allowing the event to take place at short notice.
The summer has been a busy time for the football club, with events and community groups, such as The Pigeon Club using the facility.
The Football club has secured extra land and £140,000 for artificial pitch, which could be used for a wide range for sports.  Andy reported there is £30,000 in S106 for “local area” and he would like this to be used within Milton Parish and not to be lost to surrounding areas. The FC is keen to work with MPC with the new community and sports building at Milton heights

Milton Hill Bowling Club

Derek Rees, Chairman. Requested permission from MPC to display Milton Hill Bowling Club sign on fence below existing Milton United FC sign. Derek provided image to MPC and explained sign would be smaller than MUFC.
Permission was granted on condition the sign would be secured and did not damage the fence.  Proposed: Cllr McGrath. Seconded: Cllr Smith     

Didcot Garden Town

Resident from Milton Village expressed concerns regarding the lengthy Didcot Garden Town – Proposed Delivery Plan document. The consultation period has now expired, however our concerns as a Parish should still be highlighted to the planners.
Map 1.1.4 Garden Town Areas – Shown to MPC and members of the public. Milton Parish is within the “Didcot Garden Town and Science Vale Area of Influence” – what does this mean?
The same map illustrates “Didcot Garden Town Masterplan Boundary”, which includes Milton Park. The map appears to include a field alongside the A34 which is owned by Milton Manor Estate.
Another resident expressed concern on how this would impact the jurisdiction of MPC. Would we lose our voice to Didcot Town Council? How would the boundary impact our Parish?
Clerk to request clarification on area of influence and what does it mean for our Parish, and to request the green fields within our Parish are not to be taken without consultation.   Action Clerk

3.4 Thank you to Parish Council
A member of the public thanked Cllr McGrath for the work he had done in creating the new, long awaited Parish Council Website. The same person thanked the Parish Council for the new No Dogs Allowed sign at Squire Barrett and thanked the PC for their work.

County and District Councillors Report       

County Cllr Webber reported it is difficult to get decisions due to the Governments Brexit negotiations.

Didcot Garden Town was not going to happen anytime soon, due to the large-scale infrastructure needed to support such a proposal. However, Parish Councils should get in early and say what their needs are and view the proposal as a positive.

Cllr Davenport reported the meeting regarding wasste bins with Cllr McGrath and Kate from VWHDC was positive. Kate has raised suggestions to her team leader to approve. Maps have been requested to confirm ownership of land, as bins cannot be placed on private land. It was suggested a leaflet drop or survey should take place to discuss with residents close to suggested bin locations.

S106 is due to be changed to CIL from 1st November 2017.  This means small developments of 2 or more dwellings  must automatically contribute financially, with the funds (15%, or 25% with neighbourhood plan) automatically going to Parish Councils. The funds remain for Capital Projects, to be spent within 5 years. CIL can be combined with other villages for joint projects.  

Confirm as a correct record the Minutes of meetings held on 3rd July 2017.

Amendment to item 6.2 Milton Heights Development. Should read Cheque to be deposited in The Milton Deposit bank account. Not the Milton Charity bank account.
Ammendment Proposed: Cllr Hoskins. Seconded: Cllr McGrath.
Chair initialled ammendment and signed minutes as true record.


Update on items from Previous Meeting.

New Community and Sports Building at Milton Heights

Working Group to be formed with MPC, MUFC and Bowling Club. Working Group to report back to full Council. It was proposed Cllr Hoskins, Cllr Smith represent Milton Parish Council.  Clerk to take notes and co-ordinate.
First meeting to be held in September and viewings to be arranged as soon as possible. Action Cllrs Hoskins, Smith and Clerk

Dogs in Squire Barrett

People still walking their dogs and dog mess has been seen by Squire Barrett gate. This is an offence, a health hazard and will not be tolerated in a children's play area.  Andy Burchette supplied details of VWHDC Dog Warden.  Cllr Hoskins will ask him to wite an article to be included in Milton Matters. Action Cllr Hoskins

Milton Heights Development

Clerk to transfer £35,000 from sale of land into Deposit account. Action Clerk
Cllr Hoskins attended archelogy meeting at MUFC and reported 6 trenches would be dug and would take  3-4 months.
A new planning application is to be submitted due to change of style of dwellings. There would be no increase in number of dwellings.

OCC Grass Cutting – Section 101 Legal Agreement

Clerk received sealed Section 101 legal agreement. Oxfordshire County Council funding of £966.47 to be processed by BACS payment direct to Milton Parish Council bank account.


The old website is now forwarding to new website
The Parish Council thanked Cllr McGrath for his work in creating new website.

Litter Bins

Cllr McGrath reported positive meeting from VWHDC as during the visit they witnessed a lot of walkers. Agreed to replace every bin in village with same as one at bus stop. Bins  to be located on highways land, otherwise they cannot be emptied. Biffa’s responsibility to empty bins, VWHDC suggested MPC should contact informing thm which bins need to be emptied more frequently. Bin at top of zig-zag to be replaced, every bin in Parish will be the same size.


Maintenance/Play Areas

Lambe Avenue Play Area

Cllr Smith expressed concerns at the appearance of “sit on” play equipment. The paint work is fading and scratched. Councillors to visit Lambe Avenue play area and decide at next meeting.  Action Cllrs

Moor Ditch

Cllr Hoskins has raised the matter of Moor Ditch with Mr Campbell of MEPC (landowners) on several occasions, and MEPC confirmed it was dredged in 2016. Cllr Hoskins has reiterated the weeds in Moor Ditch need to be cleared to allow the water to flow.
Action Cllr Hoskins

Squire Barrett – Dutch Elm Disease Trees

Letter dated 3rd July 2017 from Mr Fordham Milton Cottage, School Lane, requesting the two elm trees with Dutch elm disease in Squire Barrett be felled when the one is felled on his adjoining property. Mr Fordham included quote from Jenks Oxford Ltd of £78.00 including VAT to fell to ground level and remove all debris from site.
Clerk obtained two additional quotes. 1.) £120.00 and 2.) £175.00
Agreed to proceed with quote obtained by Mr Fordham
Proposed: Cllr Hoskins. Seconded: Cllr Smith Action Clerk
Cllr Jarvis requested if MPC could plant new trees within the parish to replace the dead trees.

Pigeon Spikes – Swings

Item 8. Clerks Report. Meeting Held 4th July 2016 “The Clerk is waiting for a quote from Advent Solutions to install pigeon spikes on the swings in both play areas. Advent Solutions have also advised that spikes on the toddler swings may be a safety hazard as they are lower than the other swings.
Quote from Advent Solutions dated 8th July 2016 was £342.00 to supply and fit. Clerk obtained further quote from Mr Browning £150.00. Third quote requested but company not supplied.
Agreed to proceed with Mr Browning’s quote and include toddler swings on the condition the spikes are flexible.
Proposed: Cllr Smith. Seconded: Cllr Hoskins Action Clerk 

Coopers Corner – Handrail

Mr Browning fixed top of handrail at cost of £10.00
Cllr Smith reported the base post at southern end has movement in it.
Clerk to contact Mr Browning to fix. Action Clerk 

Willow Lane – (Milton Matters)

Article in September's edition of Milton Matters, reported the council had been asked to clear the pavement at the end of Willow Lane for 3 years.
Cllr Hoskins met with author and confirmed the issue had been raised with Fix My Street. Cllr Hoskins contacted Fix My Street as some debris still on the pavement.
Concern was raised that the article could be misinterpreted as Milton Parish Council, it was felt that clarification could have been made by the editor prior to printing. Action Cllr Hoskins

Milton Slips

MEPC confirmed they knew nothing about the land safe guarded for Milton Slips at the recent MEPC liaison meeting. 

Banking /Clerks Gratuity

Clerks Gratuity account closed and closing statement received.

Asset Valuation

New land valuation at Milton Heights to be completed once development complete.
Proposed: Cllr Smith. Seconded: Cllr Hoskins

Speeding in High Street

Cllr McGrath met with Lee Turner regarding signage. Lee Turner confirmed they have no funding, the Parish Council would need to find the funds.
A speed survey can be carried out for a week, and would give full data regarding number of cars and their speeds at a cost of £100 + VAT.
To restrict parking in the Lay-by opposite the Post Office, would cost a minimum of £2,700 and would need to go through consultation period with Police who are likely to refuse as they do not have the resources to enforce. The Lay-by could be changed into a bus stop, but this would be a costly legal process
Zebra crossings costs £20,000 and mirrors are not allowed as could be held liable if accident caused due to dirty mirrors.
To apply for 20-mile speed limit we must reduce the traffic to 20 miles per hour before we can apply.
They have offered to paint white lines in village free of charge.
White lines can be painted on High Street outside Lamplight House to stop people parking on corner.
It was agreed to proceed with traffic survey at cost of £100 +VAT to survey Traffic coming into Village from the Park Drive junction. The camera will be located by the lampost at Pembroke Lane/High Street.
Proposed: Cllr McGrath. Seconded: Cllr Hoskins Action Cllr McGrath
There is no funding to clean road signs.  Highways will not prosecute if they are cleaned by others.  Cllr Jarvis offered to clean those in the village.
Email received from resident of High Street, regarding noise nuisance and speeding.
PCSO Tim Deane has been supplied the registration numbers of three cars, which have been souped-up and sound like noisy motor bikes. Tim Deane has advised that the more people report such problems, the easier it is to do something about it.
Residents urged to report issues to Tim Deane for investigation.


Leftover sweets from Tadpole Feast were donated to St Blaise School. Future donations to DAMASCUS to be included in Precept Budgets. Action Cllrs & Clerk                                         

Risk Assessments

Clerk to create Health and Safety Risk Assessment document, including DSE.
Clerk completed two Financial Risk Assessment documents, 4 amendments to be completed.
Chairman to have key to access Council documents in event of unexpected or tragic circumstance. Key, Access Code and Laptop password to be supplied to Chairman in secured dated envelope.
Proposed: Cllr Smith. Seconded: Cllr Hoskins Action Clerk

Steventon Bridge Demolition

The proposed demolition of Bridge scheduled will not take place before May 2018.

Thames Water

Thames Water confirmed Pembroke Lane Pumping Station flows up Old Moor. They do have the capacity; however, they will review if a new development occurs. Clerk's email added to Tames Water mailing list to ensure Parish Council is informed of the January 2018 public consultation.         

St Blaise School Expansion

Cllr Smith reported Phase 1 complete with the capacity now at 105. Land for phase 2 is being delayed by County Council.
Parish Council invited to visit school Monday 6th November, prior to start of Parish Council meeting.    MEPC and Power Station meetings

Cllr Hoskins attended MEPC meeting, only two days’ notice given by MEPC.  Cycle path to Steventon is to go ahead as Mr Mockler agreed use of land. MEPC are looking at the possibility of introducing a 20-mile speed limit through the Park. Cllr Hoskins requested MEPC asked if Linden Homes would give up option of land bordering Pembroke Lane/Old Moor, which would give the Parish Council opportunity to consider securing some land for Parish use.
She again requested the hedeing along Old Moor be cut back, and the removal of the 'temporary' fence.
Next meeting 7th September at 10am.  Cllr Jarvis felt MPC should do more to push involvement from MEPC.
Cllr Hoskins attended Power Station meeting. RWE are looking into the possibility of a  water purifying plant at Didcot Power Station site. OFWAT supports. Low level building, up to two stories high.  Work could start end 2018 and will take 18-24 months to complete.

6.18 Litter Pickers
Mr Devitt resigned as Milton Heights litter picker at the end of August. Adverts in Milton Matters August and September edition, no interest received. Clerk to contact Mr Browning to see if interested in taking on litter picking in Milton Heights.
Cllr Hoskins to send thank you card to Mr Devitt. Action Clerk & Cllr Hoskins

6.19 Milton Wonder
Linden Homes had refused permission for access onto Orchard to take buds. Cllr Hoskins obtained permission via their Agent. Buds were taken from the Milton Wonder and have  been grafted at cost of £7.50 per stem. Cost will be refunded if buds do not take.  Total invoice £146.50 which included labour and travelling.  This was paid from donations to Just Giving Page for fighting the proposed Linden Homes development.
Cllr Smith suggested £146.50 could be refunded by Milton Parish Council in the event the money was required to fight any proposed future development.
Proposed: Cllr Smith. Seconded: Cllr Hoskins.

6.20 Financial Regulations
Cllrs Hoskins, McGrath, Smith, Jarvis and the Clerk met on 21st August to review Financial Regulations. The Financial regulations were adopted by Milton Parish Council at its meeting held on 5th January 2015.  Many points were raised for discussion, including concerns that although the document had been adopted, there was no evidence to show it was being followed. Examples being:

2.2 On a regular basis, at least once a quarter a member other than the Chairman (or cheque signatory) shall be appointed to verify bank reconciliations.

Clerk to provide recent bank statement to council to review and sign at meetings, as all councillors are cheque signatories.

6.13 Regular back-up copies of the records on any computer shall be stored securely away from the computer.

 External hard-drive purchased and Cllr McGrath set up. Clerk to back up files weekly.
New documents will be loaded onto new website for further back-up.

Quarterly budget reports were not provided to keep track of spending against precept.

Clerk to provide half yearly report to end of September, and then quarterly thereafter.
Financial Regulation document under review. Action Clerk

Flood Grant – From OCC May 2013

Clerk received letter dated 27th July 2017 from Milton Flood Group (Simon & Helen Glazebrook). Requesting it to be officially recorded that the £1,000 grant received from Oxfordshire County Council in May 2013, belongs to Milton Flood Group and not Milton Parish Council, and when they have need for it, it will be released by the Parish Council.
Clerk reported, Minute ref: 13/67 MPC meeting held 2nd April 2013.
The Flood Group have received a grant of £1,000 from the County Council.
Minute ref: 13/86 MPC meeting held 7th May 2013
The Parish Council have received £1,000 from OCC for flood prevention work.
Councillor’s requested confirmation on when the Flood Group was formed and list of members of the flood group.
Clerk to investigate further. Action Clerk
Clerk received email 7th August from Flood Protection Solutions Ltd, regarding Resilient Communities Fund.
Parish Council can not apply for Grant as funded by residents via Council Tax.
Clerk forwarded to Simon Glazebrook, Flood Group 7th August.
Deadline for funding was missed.
Simon Glazebrook and Clerk’s email addresses have been added to the database to be advised of new funding in 2018.

Transparency Code (Milton Matters – Reports of meetings)

The Transparency Code was introduced in 2015, Parish Councils must display full minutes via their website (notice board if no website). Clerk expressed concern that since 2015 MPC had been publishing edited/drafted minutes in Milton Matters, which is in breach of the Transparency code.
Chairman to write monthly report for Milton Matters, in line with neighbouring villages such as Steventon and Sutton Courtenay.
Full minutes to be published on MPC website and two Parish Council notice boards. Hard copies available on request from Clerk.
Proposed: Cllr Smith. Seconded: Cllr McGrath
Cllr Jarvis asked if it would be possible for a minute’s file to be stored at Milton Post Office. Clerk to check with OALC. Action Cllr Hoskins & Clerk


Memorial Benches

Cllr Hoskins seeking permission to place a bench, in memory of George Strange, at the location of the old bus stop at Milton Heights. Action Cllr Hoskins    

Cllr Hoskins cleaned memorial plaque for Mr Marshall. Plaque to be placed back onto bench at Milton Heights, Lambe Avenue play area. Action Cllr Smith
Mr Sleep memorial bench – Cllr Jarvis to check its clean and plaque in good condition.
Action Cllr Jarvis

 Training and Literature

Cllrs Hoskins, McGrath, Smith and Jarvis each have a copy of The Good Councillor’s Guide to Finance and Transparency. Clerk has spare copy.
Future training;
18th October – Charities and Councils – Chair and Clerk to attend
15th November – VAT for clerks and councillors – Clerk to attend
6th December – Minutes and Agendas – Cllr Hoskins and Clerk to attend
13th December – Planning – Cllr Jarvis to attend
Training costs £35.00 + VAT per person

Play Area Safety Inspection Report – RoSPA

Inspections completed July 2017. The following actions were advised:
Lambe Avenue Play Area – 3 items
Page 3-4. Adjust gate/posts/fit new rubber buffer to ensure spacing of at least 12mm
Page 5. Laminate ramp is rotting. Replace damaged wood
Page 9. Considerable wear to swing chains. Replace worn parts.
Squire Barrett Recreation Ground – 6 Items
Page 5. Strimmer damage to supports. Prevent further damage
Page 5. Bolt loose. Tighten loose fixtures and fittings.
Page 9. Goal Post bent. Repair/replace item.
Page 12. Strimmer damage to support. Sand and Seal, prevent further damage.
Page 12. Timber rotting, Bridge Step. Replace damaged wood.
Page 15. Debris on surface. Regular sweeping to keep surface free from debris. – Cllr Hoskins offered to sweep.
Clerk to obtain quotes for above. Action Cllr Hoskins and Clerk

Report of the Independent Remuneration Panel for VWHDC and South Oxfordshire Parish and Town Councils

Parish Councils may choose to pay their councillors an allowance, to recognise the time and effort they put into Parish duties. The recommended basic allowance for 2017/18 is £232 and can only be paid to members who are elected not those co-opted.
The Chairman can be paid an additional allowance of £695.
There is no obligation on Parish Councils to pay such allowances.
The panel recommends that Parish Councils should pay a mileage allowance of 45p per mile, which is in line with the HMRC recommendations.
Milton Parish Councillors decided not to pay allowances to members. It was agreed to pay reduced rate of 25p per mile travel allowance to councillor’s when attending meetings or training outside the Parish.
Proposed: Cllr Jarvis. Seconded: Cllr Hoskins

Vale of White Horse – Grants to improve local facilities.

£175,000 available to improve local facilities, the money can help fund a variety of facilities and improvements like play parks, upgrading sports pavilions or purchasing life-saving defibrillators. The current round of applications closes at 4pm on 15th October.
It was agreed for clerk to consider cost of two defibrillators for the Parish. Action Clerk

Planning Applications

P17/V1077/RM - Land at Milton Hill, Milton Heights (Home Farm Trust)
Parish Council requests clarification on who will maintain boundary fence and requests consultation with the developer.
P17/V23258/DIS – The Old Chapel, High Street, Milton
Object – Quoins not in keeping with conservation area. Although other properties have quoins they are flush to building.
P17/V2353/FUL – St Blaise Church, Milton
Milton Parish Council Fully Support application
P17/V0599/FUL – Infineum UK Ltd, Milton Hill
Planning application amendment notification received by email. Clerk not received paperwork and must chase planning department.

Agree Items for Payment

The following Items for August were paid as agreed at the July meeting:



£ Amount


£ Total

Cheque No.


Mr R Allsworth – Maintenance Fence MUFC






BGG Garden and Tree Care – Maintenance June






BGG Garden and Tree Care – Maintenance July






RoSPA – Playsafety Ltd. Annual Inspection






Advent Solutions






VWHDC – Dog Bins. Apr-June






Mr. P Browning – Litter Picking July






Mr. S Devitt – Litter Picking July






Mrs. JR Myers – Clerk July






Milton Methodist Church. June/July






Vodafone – July






Vodafone – August






Payments September 2017



£ Amount


£ Total

Cheque No.


Mrs Z. Hoskins – Stationery






Falcon Signs – No Dogs Sign x 1






OALC – 1 x Good Cllrs Guide






BGG Garden and Tree Care






Mr P Browning.






Mr S Devitt






Mrs Joanne Myers






Post Office - NI












TOTAL £1,437.72

Receipts – £35,150.00
£35,000 – Sale proceeds – Part of Sports Field at Milton Heights
£100.00 M&J Didcock – Burial Mrs Glazebrook
£50.00 Highworths Memorial – Additional Inscription. Mrs Bray

Account Balances
Current Account as at 17th July 2017                   £38,299.52
(Statement sheet number 98)
Reserve Account as at 9th June 2017                 £20825.17
(Statement sheet number 19)
Bank Statements – Balances checked and initialled by Chairman.


Email. M3 (EU) based on Milton Park, requesting use of Squire Barrett for sports day type event.

Request refused as not suitable location for adult event during hours of 6-8pm. Suggest Milton Football club as a venue. Action Clerk

Email. BeFreeYoung Carers. Seeking Grant from MPC.

£100 Donation. Proposed: Cllr Jarvis. Seconded: Cllr McGrath Action Clerk

Letter. Home Start. Requesting Parish Council Support.

£100 Donation. Proposed: Cllr Smith. Seconded: Cllr Hoskins Action Clerk

Letter. Soldiers of Oxfordshire. Requesting donation from MPC.

Donation requested to preserve archive. Council refused. Action Clerk

Email. Network Rail, potential new funding for biodiversity projects.

Clerk to register interest in the programme to ensure MPC receive further details when the funding goes live.

Public Participation

One member of the public still in attendance, thanked the Parish Council for opportunity to speak at end of meeting, and felt this was a positive change.

Items for report and inclusion on next month’s agenda

Burial Records – Back Up Files

6-month financial report


Confirm date of next meeting: Monday 2nd October at Milton Methodist Hall 7.15 pm.

Meeting closed at 22.50


The Draft Minutes of the Meeting of Milton Parish Council held at Milton Methodist Hall, Milton on Monday 03 July 2017 at 7.15 pm
Present were: Cllrs Z Hoskins (Chairman), T McGrath (Vice Chairman), M Smith
In attendance: J. Myers (Clerk), County Cllr Richard Webber, Cllr Stuart Davenport were in attendance. There were 5 members of the public present.

  1. Apologies for Absence:

Apologies were received from Cllr Ffye and Cllr Jarvis, Cllr McGrath to leave at 8.45 due to work commitments.

  1. Declarations of Interest:

There were no declarations.

  1. Public Participation
    1. New Community and Sports Building at Milton Heights

Andy Burchette, Chairman of Milton United Football Club. Reported his concerns and challenges to the council. The new building will have to accommodate both the needs of the community and MUFC. Design plans need to be reviewed to address concerns identified by the PC and MUFC, together with issues identified by Sport England. Planning Application ref P16/V2900/FUL
It was agreed for PC and MUFC to visit local community buildings and for working party/committee to be set up at Septembers Parish Council Meeting. Action Cllr Hoskins

    1. Dogs in Squire Barrett

Dogs are not permitted in the Squire Barrett Recreational ground. A Labrador has been seen within the park during mornings.
New signage for gate. Proposed: Cllr Hoskins. Seconded: Cllr Smith. Action Clerk

    1. Door Sellers

PCSO Tim Deane has been contacted regarding two occasions of illegal door sellers.
Trading Standards to supply Cllr Hoskins with 50 door stickers, more can be supplied if needed.  Action Cllr Hoskins

  1. County and District Councillors Report       
    1. County Cllr Richard Webber reported the A34 resurfacing work will be completed end of July.

Cllr Webber reported the move to a unitary authority may be less imminent, due to the election result.
CEO of VWHDC had resigned, a temporary person was in place for six months.
Cllr Webber agreed to arrange meeting and tour with Cllr McGrath and Lee Turner regarding funding for new signage (speeding in High Street).      Action Cllr McGrath
Cllr Smith expressed concerns regarding the St Blaise School expansion. The land needed would only be passed onto County Council after the 70th house is occupied.
Cllr Webber requested to be kept informed. Action Cllr Smith

    1. Cllr S Davenport also reported the recent resignation of David Hill, Mark Stone has been appointed Acting Chief Executive, whilst the councils find a permanent replacement.

Cllr Smith expressed concerns regarding the St Blaise School expansion.  Cllr Davenport confirmed Mike Murray should be contacted and he would also like to be kept informed and copy Cllr Richard Webber. Action Cllr Smith
Cllr Hoskins raised concerns regarding Old Chapel, High Street Milton. The council understood that the quoins should be removed as not in keeping with conservation area. Cllr Davenport to raise with Richard Cramp, Enforcement Officer.
Household rubbish and recycling collection days could be delayed as the current fleet of vehicles are being replaced. Delays possible until October. Issues to be reported to Biffa
Waste Bins – Cllr McGrath to email dates to Cllr Davenport so he can facilitate a meeting with Kate from VWHDC.  Action Cllr McGrath

  1. Confirm as a correct record the Minutes of meetings held on 5th June 2017.

The minutes were accepted and signed as a true record. 
Proposed: Cllr Hoskins. Seconded: Cllr McGrath.

  1. Update on items from Previous Meeting.
    1. Maintenance/Play Areas

Overhanging brambles, High Street Milton. Section from Pembroke Lane to Lay by still to be cut. Letter to be sent to land owner. Action Clerk
Lambe Avenue Play Area. Cllr Smith reported wood not sanded down and repainted.
Quote to be reviewed. Action Clerk
Old Moor Ditch – Cllr Hoskins contacted Mr P. Campbell at MEPC to clear their area of responsibility. Also, to remove the temporary fencing and cut back hedging along Old Moor. Action Cllr Hoskins

    1. Milton Heights Development

Land now sold and cheque for £35,000 received by clerk.
Cheque to be deposited in The Milton Charity bank account as interest rate higher.
Proposed: Cllr Hoskins. Seconded: Cllr Smith. Action Clerk

    1. Grass Cutting – Sign Oxford County Council Contract

Contract signed by Cllr Hoskins as Chairman and Cllr McGrath as Vice Chairman.

    1. Website

Clerk reported Transparency Grant Application was successful. £1,166.59 will be made after 13th June. Payment to be deposited in current account. Action Clerk
Cllr McGrath reported initial set up has been completed by 2Commune. Cllr McGrath to receive training from 2Commune w/c 10th July. Additional 30 hours work to be done by Cllr McGrath. Action Cllr McGrath
Website address to be proposed to 2Commune;
Proposed: Cllr McGrath. Seconded: Cllr Hoskins (1st choice) (2nd choice)
Email address will be dependent on website address. Councillors will have Cllr as prefix.
Clerk – personal name to be omitted from email address.
Website will hold online backup files. Confidential files can be stored online with access by councillors and clerk only.

    1. Litter bins

4.2 Meeting to be held with Kate and Cllr McGrath.
Landowner – Thames Water to be contacted once decision made on location of bin. Action Cllr McGrath

    1. Milton Slips

Clerk sent letter dated 24th May to Mr Adrian Duffield at VWHDC, requesting the Parish Council are consulted regarding Local Plan part 2.
As the slips are shown to join from the A34 with the junction of High Street and Park Drive, Cllr McGrath to raise at MEPC liaison meeting. Action Cllr McGrath

    1. Banking/Clerks Gratuity

Clerk to check with Lloyds bank to ensure account closed and funds transferred as agreed by PC 5th June 2017. Action Clerk

    1. Old Chapel, High Street

Planning amendment not received. Concerns raised that planning application would be made during August. Parish Council gave permission to Cllr Hoskins to object application to keep quoins on behalf of the Parish Council if submitted.
4.2 Cllr Davenport to raise with Richard Cramp, Enforcement Officer.

    1. Asset Valuation

New valuation for land required. Action Cllr Smith

    1. Speeding in High Street

4.1 Cllr Webber to arrange meeting and tour with Cllr McGrath and Lee Turner
Report in Milton Matters – contact Cllr Webber with concerns regarding speeding in High Street.  Action Cllr McGrath & Clerk


DAMASCUS attended the Tadpole Feast. Although about 12 young adults from Milton Heights were at the Tadpole Feast, only one person responded. It was suggested holding an event/BBQ at Milton Heights and to involve Redrow developers. It was resolved to organise event in 2018.   Action Cllr Smith & Cllr Hoskins


    1. Risk Assessments

Clerk to complete audits and report back to council during Septembers Parish Council meeting. Action Clerk

    1. Steventon Bridge Demolition

No further update

    1. Thames Water

Mr Huw Thomas still not confirmed flow and capacity of Pembroke Lane Pumping Station. As agreed 3rd April 2017. Cllr McGrath confirmed Thames Water are holding a drop-in session at Steventon Village Hall. Action Cllr Hoskins

    1. School Extension

Cllr Smith reported St Blaise School expansion progression.  Community room complete.
4.1 and 4.2. Cllr Smith to email Cllr Webber and Cllr Davenport, and represent Parish Council in this matter.

    1. MEPC

Meeting was cancelled due to general election. MEPC to confirm new meeting date.
Cllr Hoskins confirmed Power station meeting will be held Monday 10th at 11 o’clock.

    1. Litter Pickers

Guidance from OALC not clear on employment status. Council to decide on employed or self-employed.
Clerk to contact HMRC regarding end of year PAYE. Action Clerk



    1. Milton Wonder

Cllr Hoskins confirmed a new Milton Wonder tree had previously been planted in front of the original Tree.
Orchard is still owned by Linden Homes, who refuse access onto the land, to take buds/cuttings. Estate Agent confirmed land sale has still not agreed.
Andrew Howard, Heritage Tree Company to take buds from Tree in August. Cost £7.50 per bud. Suggested areas for new trees to be planted, land by Heather Road, St Blaise School, new Milton Heights Development, and possibly strip of land alongside Squire Barrett recreation ground.
Cllr Hoskins in receipt of £800+, outstanding funds gathered for fighting the recent proposed Linden Homes development. Some of the money could be used to pay for Heritage Tree Company to grow buds and for trees to be planted within Milton Parish and a possible new Picnic area to be created.
Proposed: Cllr Hoskins. Seconded: Cllr Smith  Action Cllr Hoskins and Cllr Smith   

    1. Financial Regulations

Clerk has 15 points of discussion to raise from Financial Regulations. It was agreed for meeting to be held with Councillors and Clerk in August to review document. Report back to full council September 2017. Action All Councillors and Clerk


Councillor T. McGrath gave notice he would be leaving within ten minutes. It was agreed to bring forward Agenda Item 12. Agree Items for Payment and Planning Applications
6.20  Agree Items for Payment: -

  1. The following accounts for payment were agreed              

Payments July 2017



£ Amount


£ Total

Cheque No.


Mr. P Browning – Litter Picking May






Mr. S Devitt – Litter Picking May






Ms. J Burnett Clerk – Holiday Pay






Post Office (Post Office N.I)






Mrs. JR Myers – Clerk June






OALC – Chairmanship Training






Cllr Hoskins – Sweets for DAMASCUS (Tadpole Feast)






Mr. R. Allsworth – Repaired fence. Squire Barrett






Advent Solutions






Receipts – 00.00
Account Balances

Current Account as at 30/05/17                   £4,386.17
Reserve Account as at 11/05/17                 £20523.66
Pavilion Deposit as at   10/04/17                £ 1740.27
Clerks Gratuity Account as at 09/06/17    £ 1529.36


6.21  Planning Applications
P17/V1574/HH – Millbrook House – No objections
P17/V1448/LB – Millbrook House – No objections
P17/V1580/O – Blackbird Lane, Bulmer – Cllr Hoskins to speak to VWHDC planning.


Councillor T McGrath had to leave due to work commitments. Therefore, the meeting was not quorate and ended at 8.45.

The following agenda items were unable to be discussed and were carried forward to the next meeting.
Didcot Garden Town – Proposed Delivery Plan
Flood Grant – From OCC May 2013
Milton Matters – Reports of meeting.
Training and literature
Items for report and inclusion on the next month’s agenda


  1. Confirm date of next meeting: Monday 4th September at Milton Methodist Hall 7.15 pm.

Meeting closed at 20.45

Extract from the Draft Minutes of the Meeting of Milton Parish Council held at Milton Methodist Hall, Milton on Monday 05 June 2017


Present: Cllrs Zena Hoskins (Chairman), Tim McGrath and Mark Smith
In attendance: Joanne Myers (Clerk), County Cllr Richard Webber and 9 members of the public.

Apologies: Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs Stuart Jarvis and Robert Fyfe


Public Participation Session
Concerns regarding the materials used on the Old Chapel. Enforcement notified and requested quoins removed. Has change of use been granted?
Concerns regarding Milton Slips (Local Plan 2031 Part 2 Appendices). This would have a detrimental impact on the Parish, increasing noise, traffic and reducing green space. The suggested safeguarded land will bring the traffic onto the junction Park Drive/High Street and directly into Milton Park.
The Council were reminded of Cllr Stuart Davenport’s comment to be vigilant regarding the Linden Homes Development especially as 87 High Street is for sale. Cllr Zena Hoskins to contact Thomas Merrifield for an update. Cllr Zena Hoskins confirmed The Heritage Fruit Tree Company had agreed to take a cutting from the Milton Wonder apple tree to ensure its preservation. It was suggested that cuttings could be planted within the Parish, however, Linden Homes have refused permission to go onto the land. A tree officer at VWHDC to speak to Linden Homes.
Andy Burchette from MUFC reported the Sale of Land Transfer has been signed by the trustees. MUFC received a request from the school for permission for the building contractors to use the sports field car park for the first phase of the building works and to have access to toilets and electricity. MUFC to charge for cleaner and electricity. This would not impact on the Bowls Club. PC agreed in principle.
Andy Burchette to email stakeholders illustrating the ‘on the ground’ issues.
County and District Councillors Reports: Cllr Stuart Davenport was unable to attend. Cllr Richard Webber reported on the following items: Milton Heights development – S106 has been signed off. The A34 is being resurfaced. New budget released for signs.
Update on items from previous meeting:
Maintenance/play areas – Overhanging brambles along High Street - Mr Mockler was asked to cut back the brambles as residents have reported difficulty walking on the path. Squire Barrett – work to fence completed, new padlock fitted gate, spider web/yellow doughnut replaced.
Milton Heights development – Cllr Mark Smith reported the sale of land is currently with the solicitors.
Website – Transparency Fund – Clerk applied for. Council to agree on website and addresses. 2commune to start work on website 16 June.
Litter bins – Cllr Tim McGrath emailed photos to VWHDC. Bins to be located corner of Old Moor and Pembroke Lane and top of Old Moor.
Milton Slips – Clerk has sent letter to Adrian Duffield at VWHDC on 24 May requesting the Parish Council are consulted regarding the Local Plan Part 2 as there are genuine concerns on the impact on the Parish.
Asset Valuation – new valuation for land required. New filing cabinet to be added to the asset register.
War memorial – Mr Mockler confirmed the land on which the memorial stands is owned by Milton Manor, but the maintenance of the memorial is the responsibility of the Parish.
Feltham Homes Development – VWHDC confirmed the suggested name of Maple Gardens will be used.
Speeding in High Street – Cllr Tim McGrath to contact Lee Turner requesting funding for new signage. Speeding and congestion in High Street is still a concern and there needs to be a co-ordinated vision/strategy as new developments in the Parish and surrounding villages will increase traffic as Milton will become a funnel for surrounding villages to access the A34. It was asked if non-parking bays could be implemented to give drivers safe places to pull into and let oncoming traffic pass.
Grass Cutting: Sign Oxfordshire County Council contract – contract needs amending with new clerk’s details.

DAMASCUS: will be attending the Tadpole Feast on 01 July to seek the views of the young people within the Parish. DAMASCUS requested sweets from PC to give out. Cllr Zena Hoskins to purchase sweets up to £20.
Steventon Bridge: PC will support Steventon PC with their objection to the bridge demolition until proof is given this is the best solution. The cinder track connecting Steventon and Milton will be made a cycle path prior to the demolition works.
Planning Applications:
P17/V1109/FUL – Chestnuts, School Lane – application withdrawn
P17/V1436/LDO – 160 room 4* hotel with conference facilities and parking – no plans received – Clerk to request plans and ask for extension
Correspondence & Communications: A hand-written card to be sent to Martin Woodgett to thank him for his contribution to Milton Matters.
Items for next month’s agenda:
Maintenance & play areas, Milton Heights development, Grass cutting, Website, Litter bins, Milton Slips, Banking/Clerk’s gratuity, Old Chapel, Asset valuation, Speeding in High Street, DAMASCUS, Risk Assessments, Steventon Bridge, Planning applications, Thames Water, School extension, MEPC, Litter pickers, Milton Wonder, Financial regulations.

Date of next meeting: confirmed as Monday 03 July at 7.15pm in Milton Methodist Hall

Minutes of Milton Parish Council duly convened and held at Milton Methodist Hall, High Street, Milton on Wednesday 10th May 2017


Present: Cllrs Z Hoskins (Chairman), T. McGrath, M Smith.
In attendance: J Burnett (Clerk) and approximately 8 members of the public.

1. Election of Chairman and Vice Chair of the Council and to receive their Declarations of Acceptance of Office
The position of Chairman was proposed by Cllr Smith and RESOLVED to elect Cllr Hoskins as Chairman. The position of Vice Chair was proposed by Cllr Smith and RESOLVED to elect Cllr McGrath as Vice Chair.
Cllrs Hoskins and Cllr McGrath signed their declarations of acceptance of office in the presence of the Clerk.
2. Apologies
Apologies for absence were received from Cllr Jarvis, Cllr Fyfe, County Cllr R. Webber, District Cllr S. Davenport and District Cllr M. Murray
3. Declarations of interest from Members
There were none.
4. Public Participation Session
A member from the Bowling Club expressed concerns regarding the planning application for a further 53 homes at Milton Heights, Home Farm Trust (HFT). He is concerned about the effects this will have on S106 funding and the type of trees to be planted and their closeness to the boundary. He is also concerned about the public open space and how this will be managed.
A member from Milton United Football Club (MUFC) also has concerns regarding the northern boundary on the HFT Development and the lack of dialogue from them. He also has concerns about the trees, the effect of drainage to the pitch, access to the pitch and how to limit the loss of footballs from going over the boundary.
A resident from the village has concerns regarding the Local Plan Part 2. His concerns relate to the Milton Slips coming into the village and traffic at the junction at the top of the High Street, how does it link to MEPC work, can the Parish Council (PC) be represented on the committee.
The PC will write to the VWHDC to express their concerns.
Some residents had concerns regarding planning application P17/V1109/FUL – The Chestnuts. They were concerned that the dormer window would be intrusive, the extension to the rear is bigger than the original footprint and goes into the roof space and the lower glass roof is not in keeping with the character of the barn. There were also concerns about the closeness to the perimeter hedge and heavy traffic – lorries.
5. Approve the minutes of the meeting held on 3rd April 2017
The minutes of the last meeting were agreed and signed by the Chairman.
6. County and District Councillors Reports –
Cllr Webber and Cllr Davenport were unable to attend this evening – There were reports were given at the meeting held on Monday 8th
7. Appoint Representatives to the following committees-
The following representatives were agreed:
• Power Station Liaison Committee – Cllr Hoskins and Cllr Fyfe
• Milton Park Liaison Group – Cllr Jarvis and Cllr McGrath
• Welfare Trust – Cllr Hoskins
8. To review the council Asset Register
The asset register was reviewed and it was resolved to obtain a current valuation for the remaining land at Milton Heights and add the telephone. It was also decided to check if the War Memorial belongs to the council
9. To review the council insurance policy
It was decided to renew the insurance policy for this year, but new quotes should be obtained before the next budget in December.
10. To confirm and sign Annual Governance Statement for 2016/17
The Statement was confirmed and signed by the Chairman and the Clerk
11. New Clerk
Joanne Myers has been appointed as the new clerk. The chairman has carried out a risk assessment at the clerk’s house. It was resolved to purchase a new fire proof filing cabinet up to the value of £950.00 excl. VAT as the present cabinet is in disrepair and is not fire proof.
12. New Street Name for Feltham Homes Development.
After some discussion, it was resolved to put forward a new street name of Maple Gardens.
13. Finance Report/Confirm and Sign Accounting Statement for 2016/17
The clerk advised the council of the outcome of the Internal Audit carried out by RJS (IA)Ltd on the 03/05/17. Mr Symes raised the following concerns:
Fixed Asset Register – New play equipment not added – Clerk now corrected
No Clerks contract of employment – Letter sent
No payment to Inland Revenue for March – Clerk paid directly by debit card and reclaimed
No Cemetery Records – Clerk supplied
Clerks Gratuity Bank Account – Advised needs to be closed
Receipts and Payments summary missing – Clerk Supplied
Following the correction of the above Mr Symes signed the Internal Audit Report.
The Chairman and the Clerk signed the Accounting Statement
14. Update on items from previous meeting:
a. Playgrounds - Lambe Avenue playground has now been cleaned/repainted. Look at purchasing a deterrent to keep the pigeons away. Squire Barrett – Contact Mr. Allsworth to see if he is still going to do the repair, if not then contact one of the other contractors who previously quoted. The Yellow polo on the climbing frame has broken again – Clerk to contact Playdale again
b. Milton Heights Developments - Cllr Hoskins to arrange dates to go and see Community Halls in other Parishes.
c. Litter Bins – Cllr McGrath to obtain more data
d. Website – It was resolved to authorise 2Commune to build the new website. Cllr McGrath to obtain new quote for 5 emails (present quote is for 6) and then a cheque for £1620.00 to be sent to 2Commune.
e. Thames Water – Clerk has emailed Huw Thomas but no reply has been forthcoming regarding the capacity of the pumping station in Pembroke Lane.
f. Speeding in the High Street – Cllr Jarvis not available for an update but no reply has been received from Cllr Webber.
g. Old Chapel in High Street – Plans were passed in 2013 but materials being used are not in keeping. Mrs Hoskins has contacted the enforcement office but has not had a reply.
h. Memorials – The memorial for Mr Hasting has now been passed.
15. Local Plan Part 2
Concerns have been raised regarding the Milton Slips. They will come off the A34 across the land at the back of the Manor. Will this have an impact on the heritage of the manor and what will be the impact on the junction in the High Street? How will traffic get out of the village? – PC to contact planning office and raise our concerns.
16. Planning Applications
P17/V1109/FUL – Chestnuts, School Lane – Objects – Increased footprint, Dormer Window, Ground floor glass roof, Proximity to boundaries
P17/V0599/FUL – Infineum UK, Milton Hill – Objects – Not addressed previous issues
P17/V1198/LB – 21 and 21a School Lane, No Objections
P17/V1077/RM – Land at Milton Hill (HFT) – Objects – Types of tree, Leaf Drop, Drainage issues, Tree Roots, Proximity to borders, No consultation with Parish.
17. Agree items for payment
Payments for May accounts were agreed
18. Correspondence
Cllr Hoskins has received two letters from children at St Blaise regarding the sale of PC Land. Cllr Hoskins will reply by sending hand written notes. A letter was received from the VWHDC regarding a Deep cleanse to take in the Parish. The councillors requested that particular attention be paid to the High Street and Pembroke Lane pavements and the Zig Zag path at Milton Heights.
19. Items for report and inclusion on next agenda
- Playgrounds
- Milton Heights Development
- Website
- Litter Bins
- Damascus
- Milton Slips
- Training
- Assets Valuation
- Risks Assessments
- Banking
20. The date of the next Meeting of the Parish Council was confirmed as 5th June 2016 at Milton Methodist Hall commencing at 7.15pm.
There being no further business the meeting was declared closed at 9.45pm.

Extract from the draft minutes of the meeting of Milton Parish Council held on Monday 03 April 2017 at Milton Methodist Hall

Present were: Cllrs Zena Hoskins (Vice Chair), Tim McGrath, Mark Smith
In attendance: Jacquie Burnett (Clerk), Mr Huw Thomas, Thames Water and 8 members of the public
1. Apologies for Absence: Cllrs Stuart Jarvis, Simon Keogh, Robert Fyfe and County Cllr Richard Webber
Public Participation: Mr Huw Thomas from Thames Water gave a presentation and then answered questions. Thames Water covers a large area and has many problems to overcome. With below average rainfall for 2016, environmental agencies restricting the amount of water they can take from rivers and many leaks to fix, Thames Water needs to find innovative ways to conserve water. Leakage rates in the London area are about 26% and between 18% and 20% in this area. Leakage can be caused by many things including old pipework and tree root penetration and will take many years to fix. There are only 111 days of stored water in the reservoirs and unprecedented levels of growth. Thames Water have 4 main options to maintain the water supply: - River Transfer, Water Reuse, Reservoirs and Desalination. There is no preferred option at the moment.
Thames Water works closely with the planning authorities but are not part of the planning process. They cannot say no to a development, they can give a view but then they must find a way to make it work. It is the planning departments’ responsibility to make sure the developers carry out works required.
Mr Thomas advised that there is no ongoing maintenance to sewage pipes, work is carried out on a reactive basis. They use a camera to find the fault, this can be a collapse of the pipe or again tree root penetration.
After checking, Mr Thomas will advise the Council on the capacity of the pumping station in Pembroke Lane.
Mr Thomas advised that the recent £20 million fine imposed on Thames Water would be paid out of shareholders’ dividends.
Public Participation: A member of the public raised concerns regarding the planning application for 87 High Street. They are concerned about the road adoption to the paddock and the preservation of the Milton Wonder tree.
The same resident also raised concerns regarding the Local Plan Part 2, the Milton slips, and the colour of the stonework on the new build next to the Methodist Church. It looks to be sandstone in colour, is this in keeping with the conservation area?
A resident raised concerns regarding the pot holes in Pembroke Lane, another resident has already reported these and advised that the company concerned have been fined for not completing the work.
A resident spoke regarding the Milton Heights Development. Milton United Football Club have not received their formal offer yet for the sale of their land, but have agreed to it in principal. It all seems more positive.
Unitary Councils: The Councillors agree with the proposal, provided that local councillors still have a say on local issues. The Vale of White Horse and South Oxfordshire District councils are already combined and seem to work well.
MEPC Liaison Committee: Cllr McGrath reported that at present MEPC are not willing to provide bus passes for villagers. The request to work with MEPC on the junction with High Street will be met through the Liaison Group only. The request for shrubs and planting can be met by attending their plant sale for discounted plants. There was also a lot of information regarding the garden town.
Power Station: Cllr Hoskins reported that the Power Station is to donate money to St Blaise Space Project. The Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday no longer operate from their offices. There have been no complaints of noise since the new silencers were fitted. The clearing of the site of the explosion in 2016 is very slow as the police are still on site. The demolition of the power station is now scheduled for summer 2018.
Milton Heights Development: The Parish Council’s land at Milton Heights has been valued at between 10K and 25K and the Council has accepted in principal an offer of 35k plus legal fees. MUFC are also happy to sell their land, upon receipt of their offer, and the land will then be sold to Oxfordshire County Council for £1. Cllr Hoskins has requested that S106 funds are released earlier on and not in stages. Cllr Hoskins has also asked if the PC can have a say in the naming of the streets, and the play equipment for Lambe Avenue.
St Blaise School: The Joint Use Agreement guarantees the community the continued use of the hall, toilets and kitchen at the school. Cllrs Hoskins and McGrath signed the agreement.

Update on items from previous meeting:
1. Lambe Avenue Park - It was resolved for Mr P Browning and Mr S Devitt to carry out the cleaning and re-painting of Lambe Avenue play park, as per quote dated 07/03/17.
2. Maintenance - The grass cutting contract for 2017 has been awarded to BGG Garden & Tree Care. The fence at the sports field has now been repaired satisfactorily. The Squire Barrett fence is still waiting repair and the contractor is being chased.
3. Litter Bins. An email has been received from Cllr Davenport outlining which bins will be removed and which ones will be replaced. Cllr McGrath to check and confirm.
4. Speeding and Parking in High Street. Cllr McGrath has emailed Cllr David-Smith and Cllr Webber but has not had a reply. Ed Vaizey MP has said he will meet to discuss the problem. Cllr McGrath to contact Steventon Parish Council about the possibility of renting their traffic monitor, the PC will then have some data to put forward.
5. Website. Oxfordshire Association of Local Councils (OALC) recommend that local councils have a .GOV website and that Councillors should not use personnel email addresses but should have an official councillor address. 2Commune seems the best company to proceed with to replace our current website. They are more expensive but can offer better facilities for the website and are more reliable as they are a bigger company offering more back up. Cllr McGrath to contact 2Commune to see if they can improve on the price. It was also agreed to apply for a grant to help with the costs.
District Council Report: Cllr Davenport advised to contact him if there were any problems with the email he sent regarding the litter bins. A lot of the dockets for the bins had been destroyed in the fire and opinions may differ about ownership/type of bin. He also advised that it was possible to get sponsorship for bins.
The County Council elections are on the 04 of May and there is still time to register to vote.
Cemetery: There have been 2 requests regarding memorials. A request received from Reeves Memorials for the late Mrs Wilkins was thought not to be in keeping with other memorials due to the height of the headstone. Therefore, this request is denied. The second request, from Abingdon Stone and Marble was for a flat memorial for the late Mr Hasting. This request having been previously refused, the applicant is now suggesting a post at each corner of the tablet. The Councillors do not feel that this is a suitable solution but the fitting of a kerb stone may be possible. Clerk to check and advise the plot size.
Footpaths: An email has been received regarding the condition of the footpath along the railway to Steventon. This will become a cycle path before work commences on the Steventon rail bridge.
A member of the public at the last PC meeting mentioned that a public footpath across Milton Park had been blocked. This has been investigated by Cllr McGrath who reports that this does not belong to Milton Park. Cllr McGrath has raised the issue on the County Council website, they have responded saying they would investigate but as it doesn’t go anywhere it would not be high priority.
Planning Applications:
P16/V2105/FUL - Amendment – 18 dwellings, Drayton Road – No Strong Views
P17/V0599/FUL – Infineum UK, extension of car park – Object – Heavy Traffic, inappropriate for road and junction, concerns about entrance and exit.
P17/V0522/LB - Christmas Tree Cottage, School Lane – No Objections
P17/V0808/FUL - 87 High Street – Object – Not in keeping in design or style, Conservation Area, concerns about the effects on the Milton Wonder Tree with a preservation order on it, increase in traffic.
Items for Report and Inclusion on next month’s Agenda:
Milton Heights Development
Local Plan Part 2
New Road Name for Feltham Homes Development
Play Areas
Litter Bins
Parish Assets Value

Annual Parish Meeting - Monday 08 May 7.15pm at Milton Methodist Hall
Annual Parish Council Meeting - Wednesday 10 May 7.15pm at Milton Methodist Hall

Extract from the draft minutes of the Parish Council duly convened and held on Monday 06th March 2017 at Milton Methodist Hall, Milton at 7.15 pm

Present were: Cllrs Z Hoskins (Vice Chair), S. Keogh, R. Fyfe, S. Jarvis, T McGrath
In attendance: J. Burnett (Clerk), Mr Phillip Campbell (MEPC) approx. 9 members of the public. Cllrs Webber and Davenport.
1. Apologies for Absence: - Cllr M Smith who was attending another meeting on behalf of the council but would join later.
2. Declarations of Interest: - There were none
3. Election of new Chairman - Cllr Hoskins was proposed by Cllr McGrath and seconded by Cllr Fyfe. There being no other proposals, Cllr Hoskins was elected as Chair. Cllr Hoskins proposed Cllr McGrath as Vice Chair which was seconded by Cllr Jarvis. There being no other proposals Cllr McGrath was elected as Vice Chair.
The Council and members of the public would like to thank Cllr Mark Smith for all his hard work he has done as Chairman of the council.
4. Mr Phillip Campbell from MEPC – Milton Park is owned by the B.T. Pension Fund, it is the largest Occupational Pension fund in the U.K. It became a private enterprise in the 1970’s and MEPC became involved in 1984. It is approximately 300 acres.
There is a pipeline that runs from Harwell to Milton Park that used to carry radioactive waste. It has not been used for a long time and a large section of it is going to be removed in April/May.
Milton park will be introducing a landscape buffer on Kelarts field in the Autumn.
The County Council are trying to bring forward the cycle route through Milton Park. The cinder path to Steventon is to be made a cycle path before the closure of Steventon bridge. Milton Park will be providing access through to Sutton Courtenay School.
Some work on the bungalow at the top of Milton High Street has been done, it will be used for operational purposes.
Car parking facilities on the park are advised by planning authority standards.
Milton Park would have no objections to the Parish Council (PC) applying a time limit for cars parked in the layby at the southerly end of the High Street. Milton Park survey their overflow car park facilities and there are always spaces available.
Cllr Jarvis said that relations between Milton Park (MP) and the village had been damaged by the proposed Linden Homes development, dropping of litter in the village by employees who work on the park and the extra traffic in the village caused by employees going to the park. Cllr Jarvis also felt that the village was not supported by the park as recent requests for assistance had not been met. Mr Campbell said that relationships are important to MEPC but that it was outside of his control to confirm the tenancy option held by Linden Homes on the land at Old Moor. A member of the public felt that MEPC have supported the village in the past with donations for the summer fete etc.,
MEPC employ a full-time travel consultant to help deal with traffic issues, they would be happy to share the results through the Liaison committee.
Mr Campbell was asked if anything was to be done about the junction at the top of the High Street to MP. He said that this was outside their jurisdiction but they were in dialogue with the County Council and would be carrying out a traffic flow assessment.
Back Lane Tunnel is to be re-opened. Work will start soon and should be completed by June.
Mr Campbell said that MEPC would be happy to meet with the PC 2/3 times a year to discuss any issues.
Mr Campbell was thanked for attending and being very informative.
5. County and District Councillors Report- As Cllr Webber had three PC meetings to attend it was decided he could give his report ahead of Public Participation.
Councillor Webber advised that MEPC Liaison Committee was chaired by the Vale and
any issues should be addressed to the chairman at the vale.
Milton Heights Development – Issues to be sorted out are district planning issues and
are not being resolved, there is not much help from the Vale – A Stakeholders meeting is
to be held on Tuesday 14th March at 7 pm at Milton football club to try and resolve
some issues.
Unitary Councils – New proposals called ‘A Better Oxfordshire’ to be presented to the
government. You can check the proposals on the website, a lot of concerns have
been answered but still issues remain. Government is behind Unitary councils and a final
decision could possibly be made by Autumn, if so there may be Unitary councils by May
2019. How can we be sure the benefit from the savings made will go to the right places -
Only by electing Councillors who say where they will spend the money!
Councillor Mark Smith arrived at 8.20 pm.
6. Public Participation relating to matters on the Agenda
A member of the public mentioned that one of the public footpaths across Milton Park
Land had been blocked. He was advised that this was item was not on the agenda and could not be discussed. It would be brought up at the next Liaison Committee meeting.

A member of the public thanked the council for the repairs to the fence at Potash Lane, but that we might want to check that repairs had been carried out in accordance with the order.

Councillor Davenports report- Update on litter bins. Kate Morris from the technical office at the Vale has assessed our area for funding to change the bins. Biffa Waste have to check the routes but hopefully we should have feedback by next meeting.
Unitary Council - There is a role for the PC to feed into the consultation between South Oxfordshire/Oxford City Council/Vale District Council. It is a better way to offer services to public with a single interface. There is an online questionnaire. There will be local
area boards which councillors will sit on.

7. Confirm as a correct record the Minutes of meetings held on 6th and 27th February 2017- The minutes having been previously circulated were agreed and signed as true records.
8. Standing Orders - It was agreed that the current standing orders already addressed the time allowed for public participation and the ability for people to speak without interruption. It was thought that a ten-minute slot at the end of the meeting for people to give their opinions on matters discussed during the meeting would not a good idea as matters may already have been resolved. It was agreed that the standing orders could be better enforced.
9. Unitary Councils - This had already been discussed during councillors’ reports. An email
had been sent to councillors regarding ‘A Better Oxfordshire’ earlier in the day and the councillors views would be discussed at the next meeting.
10. Tree Planting - Councillor Jarvis is concerned about the loss of hedgerow and trees in the parish and the need to be active in replacing them. Cllr McGrath to raise at the next Liaison Committee to see if MEPC can help. The Woodland Trust are currently advertising free packets of seed to each household if you have the room and permission to plant them. Cllr Keogh has 50 Oak saplings available if you have the room to plant one – you can contact him via his email address.
11. Milton United Football Club - Discussed during Cllr Webbers report for Milton Heights development – Meeting 14th March 2017.
12. Assets of Community Value (AOCV) - The Pack Horse and the Plum Pudding public houses are to be registered as AOCV. CAMRA have agreed to supply the land registration documents for the Pack Horse but the PC will need to purchase these for the Plum Pudding at a cost of £24.95. The council resolved to purchase the land registration documents for the Plum Pudding.
13. Update on items from previous meeting: -
a. Play Ground Lambe Avenue – 3 quotations have now been received for re-painting the equipment at the park ranging between £2000 and £6000. The councillors agreed that this was too expensive. Mr Paul Browning has agreed to have a look with a view to cleaning/repainting the equipment.
b. Maintenance – Milton Sports Field fence has now been repaired – to be checked. Repairs to the Squire Barrett are still to be done despite promises for repairs to be carried out. Clerk to contact contractor again. The yellow ‘doughnut’ in the park is also still waiting for repair despite previous promises. Clerk to contact again. Grass cutting – Still only 2 tenders received – clerk to chase other tenders. It was resolved that as the grass cutting season is nearly upon us that the chair, vice chair and clerk would be able to authorise the quote when in prior to next PC meeting.
c. Litter Bins – As advised by Cllr Davenport earlier.
d. Litter Pickers – New equipment has now been issued to the litter pickers. Having spoken previously to the litter pickers regarding their employment status it was resolved that the litter pickers would now work for the PC on a self-employed basis. This would mean that contracts of employment would not be required and no PAYE would be necessary, the litter pickers will send an invoice to the council for their services each month. Mr Browning requested that the rate of pay be increased by £2.00 per month. The council resolved that an increase of £2.00 per month would apply to both litter pickers and the new system would start from April, in line with the new tax year.
e. Speeding/Parking in the High Street and Layby – Cllr McGrath has spoken to Cllr Webber about a zebra crossing in the High Street. Cllr Webber has passed his request onto the department in the county council (name of dept. not known) Hopefully someone will be out to re access soon. Cllr Jarvis to contact local MP Mr Ed Vaizey to see if he can help.
f. Computer/Office Equipment: - New equipment has been received by the clerk. Three quotations have been obtained to upgrade the website in line with the transparency code. It was decided that Cllrs McGrath and Keogh would look at these further as they have a better knowledge of computers. Clerk to claim for a grant to update website when a decision has been made.
14. Agree Items for Payment: -

a) Accounts for payment were agreed

15. Correspondence & Communications – The councillors resolved to remove their personnel telephone numbers from Milton Matters. Councillors can still be contacted via their email address.
Letter received advising withdrawal of planning application P16/V2855/RM Land off Blackbird Lane.
Letter received confirming acceptance of the Precept for 2017/18.
Cllr McGrath has negotiated with the Park Club a corporate discount for gym membership for residents of Milton Parish. If anyone is interested, please contact Cllr McGrath or the clerk via their email address for further details. There are also some one day free passes available.
Cllr Jarvis to contact Ed Vaisey to ask if he would be able to judge the Best Kept Garden competition in July/August.
16. Items for Report and Inclusion on next month’s Agenda
MEPC Liaison Committee
Power Station
Stakeholders Meeting
Tree planting
Community Assets
Play Areas
Litter Bins/Pickers
Speeding and Parking
Unitary Councils
17. Confirm the date of next meeting as Monday 3rd April at Milton Methodist Hall
18. Dates for future meetings at Milton Methodist Hall: -

08th May Annual Parish Meeting
10th May
05th June
03rd July
04th September

There being no further business the meeting closed at 22.15


Extracts from the draft minutes of the meeting of Milton Parish Council held on Monday 27 February
Present: Cllrs Zena Hoskins (Vice Chair), Robert Fyfe, Stuart Jarvis, Tim McGrath
In Attendance: Jacquie Burnett (Clerk) and 5 members of the public
Apologies: Received from Cllr Mark Smith (Chair)
Public Participation: A representative of Milton United Football Club spoke regarding the plans for the Football Club. The red line on the amended plans has changed and no longer includes the land currently owned by MUFC, and the Parish Council. This was the schools preferred option but now land owned by the Hartwright's will be used. How will this affect the S106 funding? The need for a joint plan between MUFC and the PC is now even stronger and as we are now outside the red line it will be harder to assess what the developer has planned. The developer has access to lots of legal and planning advice – should MUFC and the PC employ a consultant? In the Infrastructure Development Plan within Land by Cost there is £300,000 allocated.
MUFC needs a lease of at least 25 years to secure their funding. Commitment is required by all parties if we are to make the most of this opportunity. It is hoped a stakeholder group can be formed between MUFC/PC/Harry Aubrey-Fletcher (Land Agent)/Bowls Club/School and the Hartwright's.
A member of the public commented on the football clubhouse structure at Hook Norton. Although a wooden structure, the layout is very good and could be used as a blueprint for Milton.
Planning Application P16/2900/FUL: 458 dwellings Land East of Milton Hill.
The Council will object for the following reasons:
Lack of footpath/cycle path access to other villages
No allotments
No burial ground
No tarmacking of the road from the gate to MUFC
Sports facilities now outside the red line.

Extract from the Draft Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Monday 06 February 2017 at Milton Methodist Hall, Milton at 7.15pm

Present: Cllrs Mark Smith (Chair), Simon Keogh, Robert Fyfe, Stuart Jarvis
In attendance: Jacquie Burnett (Clerk), County Cllr Richard Webber, District Cllr Stuart Davenport
and approx 13 members of the public.
Public Participation: A member of the public expressed their thanks regarding the proposed amendments to the Standing Orders for Milton Parish Council.
Mr Harry Aubrey-Fletcher (Land Agent) spoke regarding the development at Milton Heights and the need for a clear strategy for the community building or risk losing the funding to the wider community. The deadline is 17 days away! This is a great opportunity for the football club and the community but could unravel if not sorted soon.
Mr Harry Aubrey-Fletcher requested a copy of the ‘Letter of Intent’ be sent to Mr Adrian Butler.
It was agreed for a separate meeting between Milton United Football Club (MUFC) and the Parish Council(PC) to be held on Monday 13 February at MUFC.
A member of the public expressed their concerns regarding parking in the layby at the top of High Street. If a sign is put up restricting parking in the layby, it may push the cars further into the village to park.
A member of the public enquired if the banking issues had been resolved.
County and District Councillors Reports: Cllr Richard Webber reported that the needs of St Blaise School and the foot bridge over the A34 would override those of MUFC, Bowls Club and the PC. The proposed foot bridge/cycle path would increase the connectivity between the Heights and the Village and the impact would be paid for by the developers.
Unitary Government in Oxfordshire was moving very fast and Councillor Webber thought it may be completed within 18 months.
Cllr Stuart Davenport also reported on Unitary Government making for a wealthier county and eliminating the duplication of councillors making for easier contact for residents.
The situation with replacing the dog bins in the Parish is with the Technical Office at the Vale.
Update on items from previous meeting:
• Play Ground Lambe Avenue - 8 requests for quotations to re-paint have been sent only one reply so far.
• Maintenance – Repairs to Squire Barrett and Milton Sports Ground fences are still to be repaired in February. Grass cutting – tenders have been sent, only one reply so far. The Council resolved to undertake the grass cutting of the verges in 2017/18 from Oxford City Council.
• Dog Control/Litter Bins – New ‘No Dogs Allowed’ signs have now been fitted. Waiting a reply from the Technical office at the Vale removing/replacing litter bins. McDonalds have offered to supply a litter bin, need to check if Parish will have to pay for it to be emptied as not supplied by Vale before accepting offer.
• Speeding/Parking in High Street and layby – Various suggestions were proposed including passing spaces, chicane (previously unsuccessful), double yellow lines on corners of School Lane and Pembroke Lane and parking restrictions in layby. It was decided to wait before making a decision as a member from Milton Park may attend the next PC meeting, and may be able to help towards costs.

• Office Equipment - a written quotation has been obtained for a new printer and lap top. Website needs to be suitable for the implementation of the new Transparency Code. Contact website maintenance to obtain quotes.
• Cemetery Guidelines - motion was passed to adopt Culham Parish Councils Cemetery guidelines.
• Litter Picking - quotes have been obtained and it was resolved to purchase new equipment.
Liaison Committees: Cllr Fyfe attended a meeting at the power station. Health & Safety are still investigating the explosion in 2016 which is delaying the demolition of the power station until 2018. The coal yard is now a distribution warehouse.
Councillor & Clerk Training: Cllr Fyfe to attend Roles & Responsibilities course on the 15 March.
MUFC – Update on Meeting held 12 January: Cllr Jarvis attended the meeting. He advised that MUFC is held in high regard and they are to be commended for the work they do. It was felt that the Parish Council could do more to help MUFC. A meeting with MUFC is to held on the 13 February to try and resolve the issues and move forward with the plans for the new community building.
Banking and Petty Cash: Still ongoing with the bank to change the signatories and address. It was resolved that £50 petty cash would be held by the Clerk.
George Strange Bench: It was resolved to purchase a bench in memory of the late George Strange. Clerk to obtain quotes and check who owns land at top of Zig Zag path at Milton Heights and by the old bus stop.
Update on Elm Yard: Cllr Keogh advised that the planning application on the Elm Yard had been withdrawn and that council planning solicitors had issued an enforcement notice to clear the site.
Planning Applications:
P17/V0049/HH – Demolition of single storey extension and construction of new extension, 33 High Street. No objections to this application.
Correspondence & Communications: Two letters regarding planning updates - Certificate of Lawful Development for P13/V1627/FUL - 87 High Street is being processed, and P16/V1009/FUL - Bramley Barn, Milton Hill has been withdrawn.

Extract from the Draft Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Monday 09 January 2017 at Milton Methodist Hall

Present: Cllrs Zena Hoskins (Vice Chair), Simon Keogh, Robert Fyfe, Stuart Jarvis and Tim McGrath
In attendance: Jacquie Burnett (Clerk), County Cllr Richard Webber and approx 12 members of the public.
Public Participation: A member of the public expressed their concerns regarding the standing orders for Milton Parish Council. The concerns related to public participation, that good order should be maintained and parishioners should feel at ease and be aware of any timing issues. Standing orders to be on the Agenda for the next meeting.
Mr. Harry Aubrey-Fletcher (Land Agent) spoke regarding the planning application for Milton Heights – it is now closed. His concerns were mainly about St. Blaise Primary School and the land required for development. Oxford County Council have identified the land required for development and require support ‘in principal’ from the land owners to be able to proceed further. The letter has now been signed by the land owners.

A representative of Milton United Football Club spoke regarding the meeting to be held on the 12 January at Berks and Bucks FA regarding the improvements to the sports pavilion.
Cllr Stuart Jarvis to attend.


Cllr Hoskins left the meeting at 19.40pm as she was unwell. Cllr McGrath took over as Chair.



County and District Councillors Report:
County Cllr Richard Webber reported that there were no further cuts to the budget, the Economy, Transport and Environment Department had been badly cut.
Draft plans for Unitary Government in Oxfordshire had been published.
Local elections are due in May.


Apologies for Absence: Apologies were received from Cllr Mark Smith who was unwell
Statement by Cllr Keogh: Cllr Keogh made a statement regarding allegations made at the Parish Council meeting on the 05 December.
Confirm as a correct record the minutes of meetings held on 05 December and 12 December 2016:
The minutes of the 12 December were agreed and signed by Cllr McGrath in the absence of the Chairman. The minutes of the 05 December were not signed as the Oxford Association Local Councils had recently given their views on the minutes and time was required for all councillors to be able to read this before they were agreed. This will be discussed at the next meeting.


Precept: The Precept was agreed and set at £24395


Lamb Avenue Playground: Quotes still to be obtained for painting play equipment.
Squire Barrett Playground: Contractor will carry out maintenance work end of January beginning of February depending on weather.
Grass Cutting: Oxfordshire County Council are requesting that parish councils take on more grass cutting – quotes to be obtained before a decision is made.
Parking in High Street: As this is a recurring issue, Cllr McGrath will send an article to Milton Matters to ask residents for their ideas for a solution to this problem. Residents can email their ideas to or attend the next Parish Council meeting on the 06 February.

New Clerk Office Equipment: Obtain proforma invoice so payment can be made
Cemetery Guidelines: Possibly adopt Culham Parish Council burial guidelines - to be discussed further at next meeting.
Dog Control and Litter Bins: Quotes have been obtained for new ‘No dogs allowed’ signs for the playgrounds. It was resolved to order them from Falcon Signs.
Cllr McGrath continues to work on getting the dogs bins moved or replaced with litter bins, he will discuss with Cllr Stuart Davenport and will also ask him about the possibility of a Zebra crossing for High Street.
Banking: Still trying to get account details changed. Possibly look at online banking - to be discussed further at next meeting.
Clerk/Councillor Training: It was resolved for the clerk to attending training courses on the 18 January on End of Year Procedures and on the 16 February on Internal Audit.
Cllrs Jarvis and Fife to attend a course on the 15 March on Councillor Roles and Responsibilities.


Planning Applications:
P16/V3198/LDO – Units 43 and 56 Milton Park - No Objections
P15/V2880/0 – Roadside Services Milton Interchange – Object
P15/V2899/0 – Roadside Services Milton Interchange – Object
P16/V3131/RM – Land Adjacent to Poplars, Blackbird Lane – No Objections
P16/V3018/FUL – Grove Farm, Grove Lane, Didcot – No Objections
P16/V3141/FUL – 95 High Street – Fully Support


Correspondence & Communications: Cllr McGrath to contact MEPC Milton Park to ask if a representative can attend the PC meeting in either February or March to answer any concerns the residents have.


Items for Report and Inclusion in next month’s Agenda:
George Strange Bench
Petty Cash
Banking including online
Parking in layby in High Street
Litter Bins
Tree Planting
Minutes procedures
Standing Orders


The minutes for the meeting on 12 December 2016 can be viewed here