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Report on Parish Council Meeting held on 07 January 2019.
Councillors are continuing to work towards the community building, although we are having difficulty accessing S106 money from the District Council. Until we have sufficient funds, we cannot appoint a consultant to take us forward.
We have received the defibrillators and are making arrangements for installing them. One will be at The Plum Pudding, and one at Milton United Football Club.
We are still awaiting OCC's contractors' report but hope the bus shelters will soon be repaired.
At present we have only 5 councillors, instead of the allocated 7. We invited all parishioners to meet us on 03 December and were very disappointed when only 2 parishioners joined us to see what we, as councillors, can and cannot do.
Parish Council elections are being held on 02 May 2019, and anyone wishing to stand as a councillor, should contact the VWHDC or the Clerk for further details.
There will be a 'Tree of Remembrance' planted in Blaise Park within the next few weeks, to remember all those who fought and, or, lost their lives in service of their country.
We are endeavouring to have a salt bin placed behind the bus stop in High Street, to ensure access to the church and The Plum Pudding remains clear in adverse weather.
The Councillors set the precept a little higher this year. However, this means our part of the Council Tax will increase by only a few pence per household.
OCC have submitted plans to extend St Blaise School, and the Councillors have fully supported the application.
The new roads, in the Matthew Homes development, have been named in accordance with the fruit orchards which were at Milton Heights.
We are asking both Redrow and Matthew Homes to have signs erected to stop HGVs travelling too far along Trenchard Avenue.
Our next meeting is in Milton Methodist Church on Monday 04 February, commencing at 7.15pm. Please come and join us.

Zena Hoskins
Chair, Milton Parish Council