Milton Conservation Area Appraisal

The boundary extension and accompanying appraisal document were adopted by Cabinet on December 2nd 2016. Both the final appraisal and map are available to download in pdf format here.



Introduction and Planning Context


CA conservation area is an area of special architectural or historic interest, the character or appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance (Planning [Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas] Act 1990, Section 69). The responsibility for designating conservation areas lies with the Local Planning Authority. Local Authorities have a statutory duty to review their Conservation Areas from time-to-time. Milton conservation area was designated on 9 July 1969, reviewed in April 1990 and a further review and boundary extension adopted in December 2016.


What does Conservation Area designation mean?
Conservation Area designation provides extra protection in the following ways:
• Local Authorities have general control over most complete demolition of buildings within conservation areas;
• Local Authorities have additional control over some minor development;
• Special provision is made to protect trees within conservation areas.

When assessing planning applications, Local Authorities must pay careful attention to the desirability of preserving or enhancing the character and appearance of the conservation area and its setting. In addition to statutory controls and national policy, the Local Authority can include policies in the Local Plan to help preserve the special character and appearance of conservation areas.


What is the purpose of a conservation area appraisal?
The aim of this Appraisal is to:
• Identify the special architectural or historic interest and the changing needs of the conservation area;
• Define the conservation area boundaries;
• Increase public awareness and involvement in the preservation and enhancement of the area;
• Provide a framework for informed planning decisions;
• Guide controlled and positive management of change within the conservation area to minimise harm and encourage high quality, contextually responsive design.

What is the status of this document?


This document was adopted as part of the development plan evidence base by Cabinet in December 2016. It is a development management tool.


Planning Policy Context
The development plan currently comprises the saved policies of Vale of White Horse Local Plan 2011. Other material planning considerations include the National Planning Policy Framework 2012 (NPPF), Planning Practice Guidance (PPG) and the emerging Vale of White Horse Local Plan 2031: Part 1 Strategic Sites and Policies. Full details of the enabling legislation, local development management policies and effects of conservation area designation can be found on the Council’s website and in the advisory documents listed in Section 9.


Consultation is an important part of the designation process. Local opinion is sought prior to the designation or alteration of conservation areas and suggestions and comments are welcomed. The consultation period for this document and a proposed boundary change ran from 5 September to 17 October 2016 and included a consultation drop-in day held at the Church of St Blaise on Thursday 22 September.


This document was then updated and recommended for adoption by Cabinet in December 2016.


Notice of a newly designated or altered conservation area is publicised in the London Gazette, a local newspaper and registered in the Local Land Charges Register.