Milton Parish Council - Minutes of Meetings

Extract from the draft minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Monday 12 December 2016 at St Blaise Primary School, Milton Heights

Present: Cllrs Mark Smith (Chair), Zena Hoskins, Simon Keogh, Robert Fyfe and Stuart Jarvis
In attendance: Jacquie Burnett (Clerk) and 3 members of the public.
Apologises for absence: Apologies were received from Cllr McGrath who was working.
Public Participation:
A representative of Milton United Football Club spoke regarding the new community building/clubhouse. There is a meeting to be held on the 12 January to be attended by Sport England, VWHDC and members of the FA. We need to get 106 funding so it is very important that the new clubhouse suits the community as well as the football club. Do we want all weather pitches? Pitches for other sports e.g. hockey? Any ideas about what facilities are required for the new community centre can be emailed to
A representative from Milton Bowls Club spoke regarding the effects of the new development on the club. With the development said to be on going for 6-8 years, problems with air born dust mainly from Potash Lane caused by ground works and extra vehicles would have a devastating effect on the bowling carpet. The car park should also be tarmac rather than gravel as this also creates dust.
They would like to make the club a club for all ages and another pavilion may be possible.
A member of the public expressed their concerns regarding the development including
some of the ridge heights of the houses, school development – lack of parking, no footpath/bridle way access to other villages and no access to the foot bridge over the A34. She also thought that if the development was to include allotments and a burial ground it would be a community asset.

Planning Application P16/2900/FUL - 458 Dwellings:
The Council would object for the following reasons: -
Disabled qaccess
Lack of footpaths/bridleways
No allotments
No burial ground
Impact on Bowls Club
Lack of tarmacking around community facilities and Potash Lane
Community Centre plan not acceptable at present

Budget 2017/18:
Consideration was given to items to be included in next year’s budget.

Extract from the Draft Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Monday 07 November 2016 at The Methodist Hall, Milton

Present: Cllrs Mark. Smith (Chair), Robert. Fyfe, Tim. McGrath and Zena. Hoskins
In attendance: There were 11 members of the public.
As a new clerk had not been appointed, Cllr Hoskins took the minutes.
Public Participation:
A report was given on the Bonfire Night display where nearly 400 people attended. Donations covered the cost of the fireworks and the remainder will go into the MICE account. Thanks were expressed to the caterers and volunteers, and specially to the organisers and Mr Tom Robertson for again allowing the use of his land.
In answer to the question asked as to how a person would apply for, and the process involved in appointing a new clerk. A person should apply to the Cllr Smith with their CV. This would be followed by an interview.
The Cllr Smith was thanked for his report in Milton Matters following the investigation he was asked to do.
MUFC were still awaiting a meeting with County Cllr Webber. Cllr Smith will chase if necessary.
There had been an accident involving two cars at the junction of School Lane and High Street that morning. It was again felt mirrors would be useful at both this and the junction of Pembroke Lane and High Street. Glass had been cleared some time after the accident by a parishioner.
Cllr Smith would ascertain whose responsibility it is to do so after an accident.


The question of speeding and large vehicles travelling through the village was again raised, with the possibility of full width road humps rather than those now in situ. It was also thought flashing speed signs may be advantageous. Cllr McGrath to contact MEPC to ask for assistance with this.
The Council was informed of the death of Betty Ralph, a long-time resident of Milton, on 31 October.
They were also informed of the death of George Strange. Another long-time resident and former Parish Councillor. It was resolved to send Mrs Strange a card and flowers and give either a floral tribute or donation at his funeral. Cllr Hoskins to arrange and to write a piece for Milton Matters.
It was agreed Milton Matters was a very worthwhile asset to the Parish and should long continue. The Parish Council will continue to support it but has no intention of interfering. It was felt a representative of the Council would only form a link to ensure communication. Mr Woodgett said it was not biased as had been said, and it was agreed to draw a line and move on. Mr Woodgett would be retiring next year, and said only 2-3 people were needed to run Milton Matters rather than 5-6. No one had yet come forward to take over the printing.
County & District Councillors' Reports:
The District and County Councillors were not present, perhaps due to the grid lock on the roads following an accident on the A34.
Co-option of New Members:
Stuart Jarvis was nominated by Cllr Smith and seconded by Cllr Hoskins, and was duly co-opted. He signed the Acceptance of Office form in the presence of Cllr Smith. He was also given a DPI form to complete.
Apologies for Absence:
Apologies for absence were received from Cllr S Keogh.
Election of Vice Chair:
Cllr Hoskins was nominated by Cllr Smith and seconded by Cllr McGrath. There being no other nominations, Cllr Hoskins was elected as vice chair.
Declaration of Pecuniary Interest:
Cllr Hoskins said although Democratic Services had advised her regarding DPIs, after attending a training course, she had been advised to complete a DPI form as she owned property in the Parish. This had been done and would be forwarded to the Monitoring Officer at the VWHDC along with Cllr Jarvis'.
Update on Items from Previous Meeting:
• Mr Jarvis' letter - following the last meeting, where a line was to be drawn under the proceedings, it was agreed as long as any comment made by a member of the public was not illegal, racist, sexist or anti-religious, they should not be put in the same position as had occurred.
• Independence of Milton Matters - this had been dealt with in the public participation period.
• Playground Inspection - the report had been received with no problems. The new play equipment had been added to the insurance, but Cllr Smith to check amount insured before the increased premium is paid.
• Maintenance
1)Trees in Squire Barrett - Cllr Hoskins declared an interest. The previously agreed action could not be carried out in October and outlined further work thought necessary as two more trees were in deteriorating condition. The lime tree (about 50 feet tall) - it's roots were far reaching going under adjoining properties and into the play area. It also dropped hundreds, if not thousands, of seeds in her garden. She had asked for 3 quotes, but had not received one from Evergreen Ground Maintenance. She gave copies of the quotes to all Councillors and left the room, so taking no further part in any discussions or decision making.
It was resolved to accept the previously agreed contractor's new quotation to include the removal of the three trees. When Cllr Hoskins returned, and was told of the decision, she said she had not wanted to influence any decision, but she and her husband were willing to donate two hundred pounds towards the work.

2) Squire Barrett Fence - the fence at the entrance to Sq. Barrett playing field was in need of attention. At least one post is broken. It was agreed to request 3 quotations for necessary work.
3) The bench, donated by MEPC, had been delivered to the Squire Barrett playing field. It was agreed to store it in Cllr Hoskins' garden until it could be sited and securely fixed. Paul Browning offered to secure and send receipts for materials to the Council.
4) Grass Cutting - the cutting season had now ended and the Council will need to put out for tenders for next year.

5) The fence bordering the road at the sports field at Milton Heights is in need of attention. Two panels have fallen down and been leaned against others. Other panels are leaning and it is unsure if any posts are broken. It was unclear whether MUFC were responsible for the maintenance under their licence. Cllr Smith to clarify.
6) The hedge at 5 Trenchard Avenue was in need of cutting back as it overhangs the path around the corner into Lambe Avenue making the pavement unusable. Councillors resolved to send a letter to the occupier requesting them to cut it back.
7) The vegetation at the bus stop opposite the junction of the A4130 and Milton Heights is so overgrown, people cannot use it. Cllr Hoskins to contact 'Fix My Street'.
• Poaching - there was no further update from our PCSO.
• Speeding & Parking in High Street - Parish Council to obtain quotes for 2 mirrors. Cllr Fyfe suggested parking should be banned in the High Street, this was not thought viable as many properties did not have off road parking facilities.
Any overweight vehicles travelling through the village should be reported to the Police on the non-emergency number (101). Councillors were informed the top range of the flashing speed indicators apparently have number plate recognition.
Although many road safety measures would be included in the proposed development at Milton Heights, Councillors would keep in mind any needs which may arise.
Cllr Smith to check on how far things have proceeded with a restricted waiting time notice being placed in the lay-by opposite the entrance to the Post Office in the village.
• New Bin for Bus Stop - this is in situ.
• Proposed Milton Heights Development - letter received from land agent saying sale of land OK in theory, but will check on the price offered.
A meeting has been arranged at the VWHDC for legal advice regarding the proposed community building.
• Recruitment of New Clerk - there had been no applications so far, but the closing date of 10 November had not yet passed. There may be someone interested, but if no one applies, Cllr Smith will ask for a locum to ensure the Council follows the correct procedure. Should there be any applications, it was resolved to delegate the interviews to Cllrs Smith and Hoskins, who could employ a person if they satisfy the criteria.
• Damascus – Cllr Smith to speak to Damascus to ascertain what the older children would like in the Parish.
• Cemetery Rules - the Council had copies of rules from two other parishes. Cllr McGrath will copy and email to all Councillors for discussion at the next meeting. Previous clerk to meet with Cllrs Smith and Hoskins to give detailed information of legal requirements for burial grounds.
Liaison Committee Reports:
There had been no further meeting of the Power Station Liaison Committee.
Cllr McGrath would thank MEPC for the donated bench and raise other matters at the next meeting in December. He would also raise the question of the field MEPC own and the hedge bordering Old Moor which is in desperate need of attention.
Councillor Training:
It was felt training was important for all councillors. Cllr Keogh had attended one course and Cllr Hoskins two.
The course on planning had shown applications are passed unless very good reasons were found to refuse. Unlike previously where an application would pass on its merits.
There were no more training courses for councillors this year, but one for minutes and meetings in December, which would be booked for a new clerk if one were appointed before then. Places would be booked on a series of courses for the new clerk if they were not already qualified.
Planning Applications:
The planning course Cllr Hoskins had attended had highlighted the requirement of the councillors to meet to discuss applications when the public could be present. It was resolved to send applications received to Councillors when received and discuss at the next meeting, having asked for an extension if necessary.

P16/2364/O - Erection of 2 detached dwellings. Land in Blackbird Lane, Milton OX14 4EH
It was resolved to object on the grounds of over development of the site and lane. One dwelling was forward of the site line of other dwellings in the lane.


Items for Report and Inclusion on next month's agenda
Milton Heights Development
Play Equipment Insurance
Highways (Speeding, Lay-by, Mirrors)
Cemetery Guidelines
Maintenance (Trees, Fences, Bench, Planting)
Grass Cutting
Bus Stop at Milton Heights
Dog Control and Dog Litter Bins

The date of the next meeting was confirmed as Monday 05 December at the Community Room, St Blaise School, commencing 7.15pm

Parish Clerk
As there is no Milton Matters in January, details of the newly appointed Clerk will follow in February's issue.
You can still contact any of the councillors if you have any issues, and please watch the notice boards for earlier details.

Abbreviated Draft Minutes of the Meeting of Milton Parish Council duly held on Monday 03 October 2016 at St Blaise Primary School, Milton Heights

Present: Cllrs Mark Smith (Chair), Robert Fyfe, Tim McGrath and Zena Hoskins
In attendance: Lucy Dalby (Clerk), County Cllr Richard Webber, District Cllr Stuart Davenport, PCSO Gary Kirby and twelve members of the public.
Election of Chairman: As Simon Glazebrook had resigned, Cllr Hoskins proposed Cllr Smith as Chairman, this was seconded by Cllr McGrath. There being no other nominations, Cllr Smith was elected Chairman. It was agreed to elect a vice chairman at the next meeting.
Public Participation: PCSO Kirby said the reports of poaching had been investigated and he was awaiting further information from the land owner. There is no evidence of deer being poached.
There have been several hoax 999 calls from the telephone box at Milton Heights. The Police have names and will be speaking to people concerned. PCSO Kirby will be speaking in school about Halloween and Bonfire Night.
PCSO Kirby reported that cars parked too close to the junction can be ticketed and asked residents to report parking issues to 101.
Mr Paul Browning reported that there will be fireworks on 05 November in Tom Robertson’s field. Timings will be printed in Milton Matters.
Mr John Wattam asked about the independence of Milton Matters. Cllr Smith reported that he had written a report about Milton Matters but it had not yet been printed. The matter will be discussed next month.
Mr Stuart Jarvis again asked Cllr Fyfe to withdraw his remarks regarding the Heart of Milton Campaign and for an end to the matter. He appreciates the good work Cllr Fyfe has done as a Parish Councillor but feels he should undertake training.
Cllr Fyfe said he would not retract his comment but agreed to draw a line under the matter. There would be no legal action by either party.
Another parishioner asked Cllr Fyfe for a retraction which was not forthcoming. He said there had been bullying by protesting outside the Linden offices, but, when asked the PCSO said it was not bullying as there was a right to protest. Members of the public expressed support for Mr Jarvis.
Mr Wattam suggested this was a good time for the Parish Council to move forward as new challenges are coming forward.
Cllr Hoskins suggested that all Councillors should read the NALC Good Councillors Guide.
The matter will be discussed at the November meeting.
A resident asked if it would be possible for residents to make use of the Methodist car park to ease problems on High Street. However, it was agreed this was not a practical solution and would increase speed on High Street.
A resident reported that the new play equipment was fantastic but tree work is needed and the front fence requires attention. It was felt another seat would be useful and a notice, regarding usage, at the entrance from the Methodist Church may be necessary.
Reports from County and District Councillors: County Cllr Webber reported that there is to be a march from Sutton Courtenay to the VWHDC offices at Milton Park to protest about the volume of houses proposed for Sutton Courtenay.
Cllr Webber has been asked to chair a meeting with all parties regarding the development at Milton Heights to move the proposals forward.
Mr Burchette reported that MUFC would support a meeting. MUFC need security of tenure before investing in new facilities. The Football Club want a good, quick and agile forum to reach an agreement that benefits the whole community.
Cllr Webber wants to understand the points of conflict and hopes that all facilities will be discussed.
Cllr Smith reported that he had met with a land agent to confirm the value of the land.
It was resolved to engage Simon Alden of Adkin to act on behalf of the Parish Council. The legal bill will be paid by the Hartwright family.
Cllr Fyfe asked if Milton United had considered moving to the other side of Potash Lane.

District Cllr Davenport reported that it is hoped the Local Plan will be adopted on 14 December which should make it easier to rebut speculative developments. It is hoped the Community Infrastructure Levy will be adopted at the same time.
Cllr Davenport reported that the Linden Homes application was rejected with strong reasons which can be defended if the application goes to appeal.
Co-option of new members: No applications have been received. Following the resignation of Mr Glazebrook there are now two vacancies.
Apologies for Absence: Apologies for absence were received from Cllr Keogh.
Declarations of pecuniary interest: There were none.
Confirm as a correct record Minutes of the meetings held on 05 September 2016:
The minutes were agreed and signed by the Chairman with three amendments.
Clerk’s report: The Audit 2016 is complete. The External Auditor raised one minor issue – the carry forward figure from is different to last year’s audited figure by £1.
The Clerk will try to speak to Rita Atkinson (Damascus) before the next meeting.
The Clerk will find examples of Cemetery Rules before the next meeting.
Liaison Committee Reports:
Milton Park Liaison Committee:
Cllr McGrath reported that three councillors attended the meeting. MEPC confirmed charging for parking on the Park was at a consultation stage. The problem of cars parking in the layby at the end of High Street was discussed. MEPC would not object if OCC Highways introduced a waiting limit.
MEPC agreed to discuss the future of the field behind the High Street with the Parish Council if Linden Homes do not appeal.
Further development will begin soon at the Sutton Courtenay end of the Park.
Power Station Liaison Committee: Didcot B has recently restarted fully after a 3-month outage. The noise volume of the turbines has been lowered. Development of the large shed will start soon.
It was confirmed that the community funds are not usually awarded for items such as a new bench for the play area. It was agreed Cllr McGrath would ask MEPC for a donation for a new bench for the play area in Squire Barrett.
All the men have now been recovered from the Didcot A site and an investigation is underway. The demolition will now be completed in 2018.
Playground Inspection Report: The latest report has not yet been received.
Review of new play equipment - The new equipment is very popular. The clerk will add the new equipment to the insurance. The gate needs a new padlock.
Maintenance - Two quotes for tree work were discussed. It was agreed to contract Oxford Oak Tree Surgery subject to receiving a copy of their public liability insurance. Cllr Hoskins to progress.
The Clerk will ask Evergreen to take away grass cuttings as they are damaging trees.
It was agreed to find out if the Community Pay Back scheme would be able to carry out works to the Lambe Ave Play area.
Poaching in the Village:
As reported by PCSO S. Kirby.
Speeding and Parking in High Street:
It was agreed to ask OCC Highways if a traffic mirror could be fitted opposite the entrance to School Lane. The Clerk will contact the CLP Highways Group to find out if they have made any progress.
Review of Councillor Training: Carried over to November.
New bin for bus stop: The Clerk will again request a larger bin for the bus stop on High Street. Council would look at disposing of dog litter bins and use the money paid to empty same for new general waste bins.


Milton Heights Development: There will be a public meeting on 17 October at the Football Club. Cllr Hoskins to take notes as the Clerk is not available. The Clerk will write to the land agent to confirm his appointment.

Recruitment of new Clerk: It was agreed Cllrs Smith and Hoskins will meet with the Clerk to discuss appointing a replacement.
Planning Applications:
P16/V2262/FUL – Variation of condition 11 on application ref P14/V0052/O – change of wording.
Erection of 18 dwellings, including new access from Drayton Road, internal road and paths and ancillary works.
Private Allotment Site, Drayton Road, Abingdon
Object on basis of time extension and speed limit.
A letter has been received asking the Council to reconsider the refusal of an application for a grave slab. The matter was discussed and it was agreed to stand by the original decision.
The correspondence from Mr Jarvis regarding Cllr Fyfe will be discussed at the November meeting as per public participation.
Items for report and inclusion on next month’s agenda:
a) New Clerk
b) Election of Vice-Chair
c) Mr Jarvis’ letter
d) Milton Heights Development
e) Bin
f) Councillor Training
g) Poaching
The date of the next meeting was confirmed as 07 November 2016.
The November meeting would be held in the Methodist Hall and the December meeting in St Blaise school. Due to work being carried out in the school in the new year, the first few meetings in 2017 would be held at the Methodist hall.
There being no further business the meeting was closed at 10.10pm.

When a new clerk has been appointed, abbreviated minutes of meetings will be printed in Milton Matters with full minutes being available on the Parish Council website.

Extract from the Draft Minutes of the Meeting of Milton Parish Council duly held on Monday O5 September 2016 at The Methodist Hall, Milton

Present:Mark Smith (Chair}, Robert Fyfe, Tim McGrath and Zena Hoskins
In Attendance: Lucy Dalby (Clerk), County Cllr Richard Webber, District Cllr Stuart Davenport and 18
members of the public

Public Participation:Mr Jarvis thanked the Heart of Milton Campaign for all their work and leadership in opposing the Linden Homes planning application. He also thanked Cllrs Hoskins and McGrath and District Cllr Davenport for their help.
Mr Jarvis reported that he was concerned about the poor relationship between the Parish, Linden Homes and MEPC. He is especially concerned to hear that MEPC will be charging for parking in the future which is likely to have a detrimental effect on the village.
Mr Jarvis raised concerns about Cllr Fyfe's remarks at the last Parish Council Meeting especially Cllr Fyfe's view that residents opposing the Linden Homes development were only concerned about the value of their houses and that he represents his own views and not those of residents. Mr Jarvis considers that Cllr Fyfe should review his position.
A resident asked if anything could be done to block lorries from coming through the village? It was reported that this is difficult as this could also block fire engines in an emergency. Lorries driving through the village should be reported to Trading Standards via the OCC website .
Mr Wattam asked who had reported the banner and posters to SODC and OCC. The Clerk confirmed that she had discussed the banner with planning enforcement following complaints from residents but was not aware who had reported the posters.

Mr Wattam asked about the Parish Council communication strategy with residents. The clerk said it would be ready for the October meeting.
The Clerk confirmed that she set the agendas for meetings. Cllr Hoskins said this had previously been done with the chairman a week previous to meetings. She also felt councillors should be more actively involved in matters. Mr Jarvis asked if an audit of the Parish Council had been arranged. The Clerk explained that she, following a very busy summer, would complete this task before the next meeting. Mr Jarvis felt that this should be done by an outside organisation and offered to find an organisation to do so. It was agreed with further challenges coming forward this would help both Clerk and Councillors.
Mr Wattam also reported that there seems to be a problem with poachers in Blackbird Lane. The matter has been reported to the Police. The clerk said she would speak to the PSCO. Mr Robertson confirmed there has been poaching taking p!ace.
Mr Robertson asked why Milton Matters was to be discussed by the Parish Council. He reported that Milton Matters is independent of the Parish Council and whilst financial support would be welcome, the running of the newsletter is not part of the remit of the Parish Council.
It was reported that a new printer and more volunteers are needed for Milton Matters to continue. The Parish Council would like to assist in any way it can to ensure the continuation of Milton Matters. Cllr Smith reported that 2 volunteers had come forward following the appeal in the last edition.
Cllr Smith has investigated the editorial policy of Milton Matters at the request of Mr Woodgett and hopes to report back next month. The long term future of Milton Matters needs to be discussed, but not interfere. The councillors wondered if a council representative would be advantageous.
A resident asked if it was legal to take photos of illegally parked cars. The Clerk will contact the PCSO to find out. A resident asked why the grass verges have not yet been cut. The Clerk reported that OCC are behind schedule with cuts and will report the matter to Highways. The PC will discuss taking over the verge cutting once the Clerk has obtained quotes for the work.
The MEPC stream was discussed. The banks have been weed killed and there was now debris in the stream. Clerk to check who did weed killing.
Mr Jarvis hoped that Heart of Milton would not be disbanded
Mr Aubrey-Fletcher reported that the Hartwright Family had been working with Taylor Wimpey for the last two years on the plans for Milton Heights. The site has now been allocated in the Vale Local Plan. Mr Aubrey-Fletcher has now started his own company (Buchanan Land) and is now working with the Hartwright's on the project. Taylor Wimpey are no longer involved in the proposed development. There are no marked changes to the plans and they are now working on the design on the project. The expansion of the school is to commence soon and the project would provide further expansion. The current plans require 0.38 acres of Parish Land which they hope to purchase from the Parish Council. They are also committed to contributing to a community building giving the freehold ownership to the Parish Council.

Cllr Hoskins raised concerns that all of the Parish Council had not been invited to the recent stakeholder meeting. Mr Aubrey-Fletcher agreed to arrange a meeting for all Councillors.
The site has not yet been contracted to a builder.
Cllr Fyfe was concerned that the Par!sh Council should not sign an agreement until after the end of the year as there is a claw-back agreement in place until January 2017. Mr Aubrey-Fletcher felt-the claw-back would not come into force until the purchase of the land which will not take place until planning permission has been granted. Cllr Smith reported that the Council's solicitor agreed It is necessary to come to an agreement as soon as possible as time pressure is coming from the school expansion - if an agreement isn't reached the plans will be progressed in a different way.
Mr Jarvis thanked Mr Aubrey-Fletcher for al! his work on the project.
Concerns were raised that not all the information about the project had been cascaded to all Parish Councillors and the public. It is important that a communication strategy is implemented to prevent misunderstandings.

It was agreed to arrange a display for parishioners, Councillors and other stakeholders on 17 October at 6.30pm in the Football Club followed by a Parish Council meeting on 24 October to be held at the school.
The meetings to be advertised in Milton Matters, the school newsletter and the noticeboards. As the clerk would be unable to attend the display on 17 October, it was agreed Cllr Hoskins would take notes.

Cllr Davenport reported that there is a consultation on the new proposed conservation area for Milton. He encouraged residents to look at the proposals in detail and comment.
The application for Blackbird Lane has not yet come to an opinion. The planning officer has indicated that he will recommend refusal of the Linden Homes Application. The application could go to appeal if it is refused. The archaeological survey did not go ahead. Further applications could be submitted on adjoining land even if this plan is refused.
Clr Davenport was thanked for his advice and support.

Clr Webber expressed concerns about the cohesion of the new site at Milton Heights with the older community. He is concerned that the Vale White Horse DC do not have control over the strip of land they own adjoining the site.
Cllr Webber reported that the District and City Councils have walked away from the unitary authority talks. The County and District Councils have spent £100,000 on the reports which both conclude that the current situation is not acceptable. Cllr Webber would like to see pressure from other groups on the Councils to make them talk.
The District Council report makes it clear that Oxford City Council could not be managed as a unitary council with the expansion into the surrounding areas of Kidlington, Kennington and Abingdon. The problem with one single authority would be a lack of democratic accountability however it would get rid of the confusion over which authority is responsible for what and Councillors would have a smaller patch to cover with more services.


Co-option of new members: There were no applications

Apologies for Absence: Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs Simon Glazebrook and Simon Keogh

Declarations of pecuniary interest: There were no declarations of pecuniary interest.


Confirmed as a correct record Minutes of the meetings held on 04 July, 19 July and 01 August 2016: The minutes were amended, agreed and signed by the Chairman. Cllr Hoskins requested all councillors were given copies of the corrected minutes.


Clerk's Report: There have been further problems with owners not picking up after their dogs - this is especially a problem for the Football Club. There was also the problem of people using the wrong bins, meaning Grundons would not empty them. The Clerk will put an article in Milton Matters regarding the problem.

Cllrs Keogh and Hoskins are to attend OALC Councillor Training.

The work on the Squire Barrett play area has begun. The annual ROSPA report has concluded that Squire Barrett is a medium risk site - this will be reviewed once the work has been completed. S106 money had been received in amount of £28,255.91. Cllr Hoskins queried the full price of the equipment. The clerk confirmed the total price was £34,469.39 after VAT had been recovered. Cllrs Hoskins and McGrath said they had understood the total cost was under £25,000.00.

The Lambe Avenue play area report shows it is a low risk site. However, the area is becoming very tired and it was agreed to look into refreshing the site. It was suggested it may be able to use the Community Payback Scheme.

The Milton Park Liaison group will meet on Thursday.

The Power Station Liaison meeting was very subdued. it was reported that there are small pots of money available for community projects.
It was agreed to hold the October and December meetings at Milton Heights and the November meeting at the Methodist Hall.
The meeting venues will be reviewed in December .
The Council solicitor has advised that the Football Club must formally request a new licence to get the ball rolling. There had been no reply from Damascus regarding what the cider children of the Parish would like.
There will be a public display of the conservation area proposals on 22 September in the church from 10.00am to 7.00pm.
The Clerk has applied to list the pubs as community assets.
A request for a grave slab was discussed and it was agreed to refuse the application. It was also agreed a set of rules were required for the future.

Report on P16/V1665/FUL (Full Application):
Application Type: Major
Proposal: Erection of 46 dwellings with associated roads, parking, landscaping and. public open space. Address: Land off the High Street to the North of Pembroke Lane Milton ABINGDON OX14 4EJ
Cllr Hoskins advised the working group set up at the Parish meeting would not be requesting a donation from the Parish Council as the experts' fees had been covered, with some money remaining.

Discuss offer from Hartwright Family for land at Milton Heights:
Mr Burchette from MUFC reported that the Football Club have also had an offer for their land which will tie the Football Club and Parish Council together .They are keen to allow the school's expansion but they feel they need to work with the Parish Council to ensure the right deal is reached. The Football Club have been offered money and a land exchange. They hope to use the land swap to support a Football Club and Bowls Club car park.
The developers have offered to draw up plans for the community building but more ideas are needed, and needs to be done early in the process.
They will however lose a pitch. The Football Club will be speaking to Sport England as this will result in losing some playing capacity.
The Vale 2031 plan recommends investment for sporting activities and the Club hope to use this towards the new building.
The Hartwright’s are also offering £500,000 towards the community building.
It was agreed that both the Parish Council and Football Club need to fully understand what is on offer. The Parish Council has an obligation to maximise the benefit to the community from any deal.
MUFC wish to remain at Milton Heights but in order to do this the clubhouse and floodlights must be replaced. The Club wish to open up facilities to other community groups.
It was agreed that it is important for all the stakeholders to work together to achieve what is needed and wanted by all parties.
It was agreed to hold a meeting with MUFC after the display on 17 October to float ideas.
The Parish Council solicitor has stated that the PC must have an independent valuation of their parcel of land before reaching any agreement.
MUFC will be speaking to the FA to find out what security of tenure is needed in order to be able to apply for grants before formally requesting a new licence from the Parish Council.

Cllr Hoskins asked about an email received from Mr Jarvis complaining about the comments made by Cllr Fyfe at the last meeting regarding residents' reasons for objecting to the Linden Homes application.
Mr Jarvis said he had been informed by the Clerk it would be on the September agenda and that he had been offended by the remarks and hoped for an apology .
Cllr Fyfe stated that he was using his freedom of speech in making the comments.
Mr Jarvis asked for a retraction and apology. Cllr Smith said an apology would end the matter, but Cllr Fyfe did not reply.
Mr Jarvis asked to whom he should send an official complaint. The Clerk said to her.

The date of the next meeting was confirmed as 03 October 2016.

Extract from the draft Minutes of the Parish Council duly convened and held on Monday 01 August 2016 at Milton Methodist Church Hall

Present: Cllrs Mark Smith (Chair), Robert Fyfe, Tim McGrath, Zena Hoskins and Simon Keogh.
In attendance: Lucy Dalby (Clerk) and two members of the public.

Public Participation: There was none

Co-option of new members: There were no applications

Apologies for Absence: Apologies for absence were received from Cllr Glazebrook.

Declarations of pecuniary interest: There were no declarations of pecuniary interest.


Review Planning Application: Application Reference: P16/V1665/FUL (Full Application)
Application Type: Major
Proposal: Erection of 46 dwellings with associated roads, parking, landscaping and public open space.
Address: Land off the High Street to the North of Pembroke Lane Milton, Abingdon OX14 4EJ
Due to issues of bias and predetermination the Council was unable to discuss the application.

Discuss making a donation towards the village fund for engaging an expert consultant to provide evidence for the Planning Committee meeting for P16/V1665/FUL:
The principal of donating toward engaging consultants was discussed. The Clerk confirmed that it was possible for the Council to pay for this type of advice.
Cllr Keogh felt that if a significant number of residents objected to an application the Council should pay for consultants.
Cllr Fyfe expressed the view that as this application only affected a minority of residents and that were no material grounds for objection the Council should not contribute.

Due to issues of bias and predetermination the Council was unable to make a decision.


Items for report and inclusion on next month’s agenda:
• Mr Jarvis objected to Cllr Fyfe’s comments reporting that many residents had concerns about flooding and extra traffic.
• It was agreed the Clerk should apply for a further extension to respond to the application.
• Milton Matters was discussed. The Clerk reported that as Milton Matters was independent of the Parish Council complaints could not be discussed by Councillors.
• The future of Milton Matters will be an item on the September agenda.
• Elm Yard Decision
• Clerk’s Hours
• Dog Bins


The date of the next meeting of the Parish Council was confirmed as 05 September 2016 at Milton Methodist Church


Squire Barrett Play Equipment: The new play equipment for Squire Barrett will be installed at the beginning of September. Those that park on the gravel area by the gates will have to find an alternative parking spot while the work is in progress to give the contractors full access and parking.

Simon Glazebrook
Chair, Milton Parish Council

Draft Minutes of the Parish Meeting duly convened and held in The Methodist Church Hall on 25 July 2016

Chairman Mr Mark Smith. 45 members of the public were present.


The Chairman opened the meeting at 7.30pm according to the published agenda displayed on the Meeting Notice Board.


Mr Smith welcomed everyone to the meeting and explained that as the Parish Council were unable to be quorate to discuss the Linden Homes planning application due to a pecuniary interest and bias this was a Parish Meeting.

The Parish Council would therefore respond to the consultation saying the council were inquorate but these are the views of the parishioners.


Mr Wattam reported that The Heart of Milton group came into being in February following infor­mal meetings held between Linden Homes and the Parish Council. The group raised concerns with the Parish Council regarding being open about the planning.


The group has run a consistent campaign and protests outside the Linden Homes offices e ery Fri­day. Ed Vaizey MP attended one of the protests and said he was against the development and hoped Linden Homes would reconsider their proposal.


The group has formed committees with different expertise and has collected over 250 signatures on the petition against the development.


Mr Wattam also expressed concern that the issue was not raised at an MEPC Liaison Committee meeting until after it became public knowledge.


District Councillor Stuart Davenport introduced himself to the meeting. Cllr Davenport sits on the planning committee but will not be able to vote on this application as he is the Ward Councillor. He will however be able to represent the village at the Planning Committee meeting. He has already requested that the application be considered by the Planning Committee and not decided by Officer Delegation.


Cllr Davenport explained the planning process and reported that in order for the application to be refused evidence of the harm against the benefit would need to be shown.


The developers will provide evidence that issues can be overcome so expert evidence v. · be needed.
The VWHDC does not currently have a 5-year land supply so can't refuse applications unless harm can be proved.


Cllr Davenport suggested that the Parish Meeting should pick the weak areas of the application and find expert opinions for the Planning Committee to consider.


Cllr Davenport reported that sewage is a difficult area to use to object as Thames Water has a statu­tory obligation to cope with sewage. It was noted that this didn't take into the consideration the pumping station near to the site and the flooding when there are surges due to high rainfall.


Cllr Davenport reiterated that objective experts are needed rather than anecdotal evidence. It was suggested that the Planning Officer should consult the VWHDC Hydrologist.


The VWHDC has a duty to take evidence right up until the Planning Committee takes place.


Cllr Davenport confirmed he is willing to provide support to the campaign and will be able to speak for 3 minutes at the Committee Meeting. He also explained that the village would have 3 minutes however unless the Parish Council becomes quorate it won't be able to speak.


The village-can either appoint a representative or an expert to speak on their behalf. Cllr Davenport recommended using an expert if possible.


A resident reported that she had reviewed recent copies of Milton Matters for details of recent flooding. She noted that reporting of the flooding had tailed off since 2011 but there had been more recent floods. The resident asked if it was possible to obtain records of reports to the Environment Agency and other authorities. Cllr Davenport confirmed it would be possible to access records by making a Freedom of Information request however a hydrologist is needed to present evidence to the committee. A resident asked if it was possible for the VWHDC hydrologist to review the details of the drainage plans in the application in order to bypass the need for another expert.


It was agreed that the weakest elements of the application should be picked and experts employed to comment as the Planning Committee will be obliged to pass the application unless there is evidence to the contrary.


A resident asked about the VWHDC's policy on protected species. Cllr Davenport responded that evidence would be needed as the developer will say they have mitigated the risk and this issue won't hold as much weight as flooding and highways.


It was noted that the developer had gone against the advice of its own Ecologist by clearing the site in March though there is no proof that wildlife was disturbed as everything was taken off site.


The County Archaeologist has raised concerns about the development due to Anglo-Saxon pottery but this won't ultimately stop the development.


It was suggested that the Parish Council should try to become quorate in order to potentially provide funds to employ experts. The Clerk confirmed that it would be possible to call a meeting next Mon­day at the earliest but an unbiased volunteer would need to be found.


Cllr Davenport suggested as time was of the essence that it might be more efficient to 'crowd fund' an expert by asking residents to contribute directly to a fund.


Cllr Davenport reported that the date of the Committee Meeting is 9th September in line with Gov­ernment Guidelines for the planning decisions though this could be stretched with the agreement of the developer.


In response to a question Cllr Davenport recommended that residents put in personal objections though they must include material planning objections and not all be the same.


If the committee is to tum down the application the objection needs to be insurmountable as other­wise a new application could be submitted the next day.


The impact of the development on the Conservation Area was discussed thougi1i as the impact will not be significant it is unlikely to be considered as a material consideration.


An article explaining how to object to a planning application has been submitted and residents can take advice from Heart of Milton if required.


It was agreed that if residents are to be serious about objecting then action needs to be taken quickly to set up a fund and employ experts. Using money from the MICE funds was discussed though a clear mandate would be needed in order to release funds from this source. It was agreed to set up a webpage for fundraising.


Concerns were raised that the developer should not be able to use the Squire Barrett recreation field to enhance the development by creating an access to the field however it was confirmed that the Parish Council installed the gate between the site and the recreation field many years ago following problems with the fence being damaged when children needed to retrieve balls.


The issue of the removal of posters was discussed. The Clerk confirmed that she had only removed xenophobic posters on the advice of the Police. It is not known who removed other posters.


The Local Plan is due to be adopted in December however this depends on the Inspector completing his work but the emerging plan begins to hold more weight the closer the adoption becomes. Cllr Davenport will keep the Parish up to date with its progress.


Linden homes generally do small developments and then add further phases however the Planning Committee can only look at each application on its own merits.


The Planning Committee meeting will take place at The Beacon in Wantage.
The problems of drainage were discussed in light of the problems encountered in both Sutton Cour­tenay and Harwell (both villages are facing major disruption for drainage works to take place). Cllr Davenport reported that the Committee can only consider the evidence given in plans and not the history of the developer. Drainage works are the responsibility of Thames Water and not the devel­oper.


The application states that there is not a school in the village however there are concerns about the impact on St Blaise. Cllr Davenport reported that OCC have a duty to provide education and Mr Smith confirmed that OCC have plans in place for the expansion of the school.


It was confirmed that no consideration will be given to the fact that Linden Homes have further op­tions on surrounding land as each application is looked at on its own merits. The NPPF states that there is no upper limit on the amount of houses a settlement can take.


The allocated green space was discussed and it was agreed that although some of the green space allocated is part of the flood plain overall the green area conforms to the need for 15% green space.


It was agreed to hold a meeting of the Parish Council on Monday 1 August in order to co-opt a Councillor. Applicants need to be neutral and not to have taken part in the protests or signed the pe­tition.


It was agreed that even if it was not possible to make the Parish Council quorate in order to respond to the consultation the views of the Parish Meeting would be submitted.


It was agreed that Zena Hoskins, Sarah Keogh, Tim McGrath, Jill Kelly and John Simmonds would form a committee to raise funds and find a Hydrologist andHighways Expert as a matter of ur­gency. It was agreed that it was important that residents be able to donate on line or in person.


The Friday demonstrations will be suspended in order to concentrate on responding to the applica­tion.


If it is not possible-for the Parish Council to be quorate the Clerk will object to the application on behalf of the Parish Meeting on the following grounds.

Conservation Area
Squire Barrett Recreation Ground
The Clerk will also make it clear that the majority of residents are against the development and ex­press-Goncerns about the adequacy of the consultation by Linden-Homes.


Mr Smith was thanked for chairing the meeting and Cilr Davenport for his help and advice. There being no further business the meeting was declared closed.


An oniine crowd-funding site to help fund the cost of planning experts is being set up on JustGiving - more detaiis will follow from Heart of Milton. In the meantime, if you wish to do­nate to the fund by cash or cheque please contact Sarah Keogh (07868 843410/01235 821204) or Zena Hoskins (01235 834874).


Those interested in being co-opted onto the Parish Council on Monday 01 August should contact Lucy Dalby the Parish Clerk (01235-817464 or The eligibility criteria for becoming a Parish Councillor can be found on the Electoral Commis­sion Website or via the Clerk.

Draft Minutes Of The Special Meeting To Discuss Proposed Linden Homes Development

Held on 19 July 2016 in Milton Methodist Church Hall

Present: Cllrs Mark Smith, Robert Fyfe, Tim McGrath, Simon Keogh, Zena Hoskins
Apologies for absence: None.
Councillor Smith chaired the meeting.
As the clerk could not attend, Cllr Hoskins took the minutes.


Cllr Hoskins stated she had contacted the Democratic Services at the VWHDC regarding her position and interest in the proposed development. She had been advised to declare a bias due to her previous involvement with demonstrations and the petition against the development
She also stated this applied to Cllrs McGrath and Keogh which meant the Parish council would be inquorate due to only two councillors being able to vote with Cllr Glazebrook also having an interest.
She was further advised, the response from the Parish Council to the application should say, "As the Parish Council was inquorate, these are the views of the parishioners."


Cllr McGrath had contacted Linden Homes regarding attending the Parish meeting on 25 July, to answer questions from the parishioners. However, they declined saying they would only deal with the clerk.
He had also asked for copies of the previous amended plans (A,B,C), but had not received same. There were then lengthy discussions regarding the proposed development and the plans.


Pembroke Lane flooding when heavy rainfall. This is not helped by taking the run off ir::l Steventon and the A34.
Some insurance companies not wanting to insure homes in Pembroke Lane and some only with very high premiums.
Flooding in the south of the site close to Moor Ditch, and whether this area could be included as green space.
Very high water table at north of site with large slope down to south of site.
The houses on the site are to be higher than those in Pembroke Lane so exacerbating e elihood of increased flooding.
There are also problems with sewage in the area surrounding the site, after heavy rainfall.
The entrance to the site has been in an area which has flooded several times in past years.


The entrance was also not considered to have suitable visibility due to vehicles parking on High Street.
Survey of vehicles showed approximately 500 per hour passed the proposed site entrance during morning and evening rush hours. (7-9am and 4-6pm.)
Cllr Keogh to contact Highways regarding their allowable numbers of vehicles and also whether the nature of the road is taken into consideration.
It was also stated the 7.5 ton weight limit was being disregarded. Perhaps a one to one with Highways could be useful.
Concerns about construction traffic were also voiced.
The roads on the site do not appear to allow enough turning space for large vehicles such as emergency vehicles and waste collection lorries.
Car parking facilities for visitors near the site entiance was thought to be unsuitable.


Archaeological Significance:
It was felt there was possible archaeological significance due to finds in other parts of the Parish and nearby villages. This was also borne out in part by the Archaeological report although this was conflicting in certain areas.

Pedestrian Accesses:
It was felt visitors to homes adjacent to Old Moor, would park in Old Moor (a single track road) and walk through pedestrian access to the site.
It was also believed a direct access from the site to the Squire Barrett recreation ground was unacceptable. This ground is owned by the parishioners and should not be a selling point for Linden Homes. Dogs are not allowed in the recreation ground, due to fouling, but councillors felt it would be used by dog walkers.

Concern was shown for the great loss of wildlife due to the clearing of a large area of land in March, by Linden Homes, after they had been advised clearing should only be done between September and February inclusive. The land was cleared on 09 March 2016. Further clearance of the land would prejudice wildlife, including many species of birds.


Site Maintenance:
Councillors expressed concern as they could find no mention of maintenance of the site and the green spaces.


Professional Assistance:
Cllr McGrath had spoken to East Hagboume Parish council, regarding their contribution towards the £2,700 fee for professional advice when they were fighting a proposed development. It was thought some of the interest accrued from the sale of the Parish Hall might be used.


Design of Houses :
It was thought the black cladding on some houses was not in keeping with the properties in Pembroke Lane which have white cladding.


Councillors felt the main objections should be:
Flooding, traffic, possible archaeological significance and loss of wildlife.


A petition against the proposed development had been signed by well over 200 people and it was decided to have a 'straw poll' at the end of the meeting on 25 July, which would be chaired by Cllr Smith, with the clerk taking the minutes.


There being no further business, the chairman closed the meeting.

Extract from the draft minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held on Monday 04 July 2016 at Milton Methodist Church Hall, Milton
Present: Cllrs Simon Glazebrook (Chair), Robert Fyfe, Simon Keogh, Tim McGrath, Mark Smith and Zena Hoskins
In Attendance:Lucy Dalby (Clerk), County Cllr Richard Webber and six members of the public


Public Participation: Mr Stuart Jarvis asked if the Oxfordshire County Council policy for posters had been confirmed. The Clerk reported that she had followed up the matter with Highways. The policy is on the County Council website and confirms it is an offence under the Highways 1980 Act to place unauthorised signs on the highway. As the Highway Authority they may remove any picture, letter, sign or other mark which has, without consent or authorisation or an enactment, been painted or inscribed or fixed on the highway or on any tree, structure or works on or in the highway, in order to:
• Consider the safety and convenience of all pedestrians, especially those with poor eyesight, elderly or disabled people and those with prams, wheelchairs etc.
• To ensure the clear visibility which is vital at road junctions, where pedestrians cross, and at other access points.
• To ensure a driver’s attention is not distracted by any unnecessary increase in the number of these signs.
Informally the officer confirmed that signs are generally tolerated unless they are causing an obstruction or there is a large volume of signs, or a complaint has been made. It was also noted that as Milton is situated near to one of the Highways depots, the village is under more scrutiny than most.

Mr Jarvis asked if there would be public meeting with Linden Homes. The Clerk confirmed that Linden Homes have turned down the invitation to attend a public meeting.

Mr Jarvis asked if an audit of the Parish Council’s functions will be carried out. The Clerk confirmed she will review the Council’s functions before the September meeting.

Mrs Anne Brownson asked if there had been any feedback from the traffic and speeding surveys. Cllr Glazebrook reported that the Police had recorded two drivers exceeding 30mph. Cllr Glazebrook will find out if any more surveys are to take place.

Mrs Brownson reported that due to inconsiderate parking it is increasingly difficult to get out of School Lane. It was reported that parked cars on Sutton Road are causing similar problems along with the uncut verges. The Clerk will contact the Community Led Plan group to arrange a meeting with OCC Highways.

The Linden Homes application for High Street was discussed. It was agreed that once the Parish Council has formally been consulted a public meeting would be arranged as soon as possible. Cllr Keogh reported that it may be necessary to employ a planning consultant to respond to the application.


Co-Option of New Members: There is one remaining place on the Parish Council. It was agreed that it is important to try to recruit a resident from Milton Heights.

Reports from County and District Councillors: County Cllr Richard Webber reported that it is important for the Parish Council to respond to the County Council consultation on unitary authority proposals. If the County Council’s proposal for one authority goes ahead more powers will be devolved to Parish Councils. A decision will be made late next year.

Election of Vice Chairman: Cllr Hoskins proposed Cllr Smith as Vice Chairman. This was seconded by Cllr Glazebrook.

Clerk’s Report: The Clerk reported that there had been complaints from residents about xenophobic posters displayed around the village. The Clerk reported the matter to the Police who advised her to remove the posters. The Police have recorded the incident and will hold details on file.

The Clerk is waiting for a quote from Advent Solutions to install pigeon spikes on the swings in both play areas.

Liaison Group Reports:The Power Station Liaison group meets next week.
Cllr Glazebrook reported that he had carried out some stream clearance and will contact MEPC about further clearance.

Milton United Licence:It was agreed that the Clerk would contact MUFC to begin discussions about the new licence and to once again request a copy of their up to date accounts. The Clerk will also make initial contact with the solicitor.

Report of OCC Unitary Authority Meeting: As no one was available to attend the meeting the Clerk will forward the notes of the meeting sent by the County Council.

Play Areas – inspection, maintenance and new equipment: The inspector found no problems.

Discuss future projects from the Community Led Plan: It was agreed that more information is required from older children in the parish regarding what play equipment they would use. The Clerk will contact Damascus for help in consulting with young people in the parish.
Cllr Keogh will investigate the cost of setting up one website for all the community groups in the parish.
Volunteers are needed to complete a Neighbourhood Plan – the Clerk will contact Joy Browning to find out if anyone volunteered through the CLP.

Highways issues – High Street: The Clerk will contact the CLP Highways group to arrange a meeting with OCC Highways.

Grass verge cutting contract: The Clerk has obtained figures and maps from OCC for taking over the grass verge contract and is waiting for a quote from Evergreen to carry out the work.

Tree Work: Awaiting a quote from Evergreen.

Development at Milton Heights including school expansion: There has been no further information from Taylor Wimpey. Cllr Smith confirmed that the County Council will not be building a new primary school as part of Valley Park so the expansion of St Blaise is necessary. The County Council have agreed the expansion plans but they are not currently publicly available. Eventually the school will have room for 210 pupils.

Allotments: Concerns have been raised that there aren’t enough allotments in the Parish especially once a cemetery extension is needed. The Clerk confirmed that she has not had many requests for allotments and would check with the allotment group if any plots are available.
The Clerk also reported that the Council would need to obtain planning permission to extend the cemetery into the allotments and also purchase the land from the church. The Clerk will make preliminary enquiries with the planning department.

Milton Conservation Area: The Clerk has requested further information from the planning officer.

Review Planning Applications:

Ref Description PC Rec
P16/V0755/RM Land adjoining Drayton Road, Milton NSV

Certificate of Lawful Development for storage of building/landscaping materials, small items of plant and associated machinery and equipment, and storage of green and builders waste. Land in Blackbird Lane off School Lane, Milton


Review Burial fees: The Burial Fees were reviewed and increased in line with other local cemetery fees.

Correspondence received: A letter has been received from the Campaign for Real Ale asking the Parish Council to consider registering The Packhorse as an asset of community value. It was agreed to consider registering assets at the next meeting.
An email had been received from John Wattam – the Clerk will respond.

Items for report and inclusion on the next agenda: It was agreed to hold a public meeting to discuss the Linden Homes application once notification had been received from the District Council.

Date of the next meeting: The date of the next meeting was confirmed as 5th September 2016.


Additional information not included within the publlshed minutes

Sutton Courtenay Neighbourhood Plan: Sutton Courtenay are beginning the preparations for a Neighbourhood Plan and as a start have defined the area to be covered by the Plan. Milton Parish Council has signed an agreement with SCPC to include the area between Milton and Sutton Courtenay (the fields either side of the road to Sutton Courtenay, and the east of the road to Drayton as far as Drayton Mill). This area will be a buffer zone which will hopefully prevent any development within that area.

Squire Barrett Play Equipment: The new play equipment for Squire Barrett is scheduled for installation early September. Those that park on the gravel area by the gates may have to find an alternative parking spot while the work is in progress. If you park there, please contact me, and I can let you know when the work will take place.

Simon Glazebrook
Chair, Milton Parish Council

Extract from the draft minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held on Monday 06 June 2016 at Milton Methodist Church Hall, Milton.
Present: Cllrs Simon Glazebrook (Chair), Robert Fyfe, Simon Keogh and Tim McGrath, Mark Smith and Zena Hoskins
In Attendance:Lucy Dalby (Clerk), County Cllr Richard Webber and 19 members of the public. 


Public Participation: Representatives from Taylor Wimpey gave an update on the plans for Milton Heights. TW have been in long discussions with the stakeholders including the Parish Council. Land has been reserved for the expansion of the school as part of the scheme and plans are in place to include a community facility. The Parish Council requested that a firm offer be put in writing for the land required for the expansion of the school. TW have been through the pre-planning process with the District Council and are nearly in a position to submit an application.


A resident asked if there was a timetable for when the community facility would be built. It was reported that the facility would be delivered early in the process as it is seen as an important part of making the site desirable to potential house buyers. The community building will form part of the planning application. It is planned that the freehold of the building will belong to the Parish Council. 35% of the houses will be affordable housing – of those, 75% will be affordable rent properties and 25% shared ownership.


A resident reported problems with the footpath between Sutton Road and High Street – it was suggested that residents should use the OCC Fix My Street to report problems.


The problem of owners not picking up after their dogs was raised. The issue will be highlighted in Milton Matters.


The problems of parked cars, overweight lorries and speeding in High Street were discussed. The Community Led Plan has a steering group meeting to discuss the problems tomorrow night and the Clerk has arranged for an OCC officer to meet with the Parish Council to consider possible traffic calming measures. It was agreed to consider a 20mph limit and some areas of double yellow lines.


Todd and Max from St Blaise Primary School gave a power point presentation on the school’s activities over the last year.


A resident thanked the Parish Council for a very good Parish Meeting.


Concerns were raised that there was very little communication from Linden Homes. The Clerk will request a public meeting.


It was reported that OCC Highways had requested that the Heart of Milton posters be removed from street furniture in the village following a complaint. However, these posters have now been replaced with other posters advertising forthcoming events. The Parish Council does not have a policy regarding advertising in the Parish however, the Clerk will confirm the OCC Highways policy.


Cllr Simon Keogh reported that an application has been submitted for the Elm Yard, Blackbird Lane to be used as builder storage and the issues surrounding the application. An officer has yet to be assigned for the application therefore it is not yet possible to comment on the proposals.


Co-Option of New Members: Zena Hoskins was co-opted onto the Council and signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office in the presence of the Clerk.


Reports from County and District Councillors: Cllr Richard Webber reported that he has received complaints that the new A34 interchange layout is not working however, the general feeling of the meeting was that it was working well. Grass verge cutting is an issue county wide and all verges will be cut twice during the season. The Unitary Authority discussions continue.


Liaison Group Reports: Milton United Football Club – it was agreed to offer the football club a new 25-year licence subject to the details being confirmed. It was also agreed that the club’s accounts and plans for the future are needed.
Power Station Liaison Committee – the next meeting is on 11 July
Flood Group – some ditch clearance has taken place.


Play Areas: The inspection report was noted. It was agreed to go ahead with the quote from Playdale for the new play equipment.


Discuss Future Projects from the CLP: Held over until next month.


Grass Verge Cutting Contract: It was agreed to obtain a quote from the grass cutting contractor to cut the verges before taking over the contract from OCC.
The Clerk will also obtain quotes for work to the trees at Squire Barrett and Pembroke Lane.


Planning Applications: P16/V1009/FUL – New detached dwelling house, new detached garage, new driveway and access. Bramley Barn, Milton Hill – PC No objections


Formation of Planning Committee: It was agreed to form a planning committee and to delegate powers to the Clerk to respond to minor planning applications.
Cllrs Zena Hoskins, Mark Smith and Robert Fyfe were nominated as the Planning Committee.


Items for Report and Inclusion on July’s Agenda:
Conservation Area review
County Council architect regarding the school
Burial Fees
Vice Chair


Next Meeting: The date of the next meeting was confirmed as Monday 04 July 2016 commencing 7.30pm in Milton Methodist Church Hall, Milton

Extract from the draft minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council held on Tuesday 03 May 2016 in the Community Room, St Blaise School, Milton Heights.
Present: Cllrs Simon Glazebrook (Chair), Robert Fyfe, Simon Keogh and Tim McGrath
In Attendance: Lucy Dalby (Clerk) and one member of the public. 
Apologies: Apologies for absence were received from Cllr Mark Smith and County Cllr Richard Webber.

Public Participation: A resident requested that a public meeting be held with the Parish Council and Linden Homes.

Election of Chairman of the Council and to receive the Chairman's Declaration of Acceptance of Office: 
It was proposed by Cllr Robert Fyfe and RESOLVED to elect Cllr Simon Glazebrook as Chairman. Cllr Simon Glazebrook signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office in the presence of the Clerk.

Approval of Minutes: The minutes of the meeting of the Parish Council held on 04 April 2016 were agreed with two amendments and signed by the Chairman.
Standing Orders for Milton (Abingdon) Parish Council: It was RESOLVED to approve and adopt the Standing Orders.
Financial Regulations for Milton (Abingdon) Parish Council: It was RESOLVED to approve and adopt the Financial Regulations.
Internal Auditor: It was RESOLVED to appoint Roger Symes as Internal Auditor.
Appoint Representatives to the following committees: The following representatives were agreed:
Power Station Liaison Committee - Cllrs Robert Fyfe and Tim McGrath
Milton Park Liaison Group - Cllrs Simon Glazebrook, Robert Fyfe, Simon Keogh and Tim McGrath. It was agreed that the Clerk would write to MEPC requesting that terms of reference for the Group are adopted
Flood Action Group - Cllrs Simon Glazebrook and Tim McGrath

Asset Register:
 The asset register was reviewed and confirmed.
Council Insurance Policy: The insurance policy was confirmed. It was agreed to review the provider next year.
Council Policies: The Complaints Policy was adopted
Freedom of Information Policies - to be reviewed
The Risk Assessment - was adopted

Play Area Inspection Report: The April play area inspection report was noted. There are no current issues.

Planning Applications:
P16/V0886/A - proposed new signage Plot B Park Drive, Milton Park. PC comment - no objection
P16/V0755/RM - reserved matters application for P14/V0052/O 18 dwellings land adjoining Drayton Road Milton. PC comment - object

Expansion of Milton Heights: The history of the site and current proposal for Milton Heights was discussed. It was agreed that a meeting with OCC to discuss the future needs of the school was needed.

Items for report and inclusion on June's Agenda:
Grass cutting
Pembroke Lane tree
Report willow tree amongst telephone wires on High Street
Linden Homes meeting
Community Led Plan
Elm Yard enforcement
Highway issues High Street

Next Meeting: It was confirmed that the next meeting of the Parish Council would be held on Monday 06 June 2016 at Milton Methodist Hall commencing 7.30pm.

Extract from the draft minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Monday 4 April 2016 in the Community Room. St Blaise School, Milton Heights:
Present: ClIrs Simon Glazebrook (Chair), Mark Smith. Robert Fyfe and Simon Kew: 
In Attendance: Lucy Dalby (Clerk), District Cllr Stuart Davenport and 15 members of the public.
Co-Option of New Members: Stuart Jarvis has resigned as Councillor. Tim McGrath was co-opted in his absence .

Public Participation: Mr John Simmons raised concerns about planning application P16,IV0714/HH which he considers will have a negative impact on his neighbouring property. Mr John Wattam, the applicant, reported that the extension was designed to be sympathetic to the Conservation area. 
Mr Wattam requested that there is a specific meeting to discuss the Linden Homes application once it has been submitted.

Mr Andy Burchette from Milton United Football Club gave an update on the discussions with Taylor Wimpey for the development at Milton Heights. The Club considers that the proposals are an opportunity for the residents and the football club.

Reports from County and District Councillors: Cllr Davenport reported that he had received complaints about fly posting in Milton Village. however planning enforcement have confirmed that as all the posters are on private land, they do not have to be removed. The clearance of the land off High Street by Linden Homes has caused some distress to neighbours however. planning enforcement have confirmed that no offence has been committed. air Davenport has asked Linden Homes to discuss any further actions with neighbours of the land. CIIr Simon Keogh raised concerns that planning applications for the land off Blackbird Lane have been inaccurate and show a lack of due diligence on the part of \NVHDC. Cllr Davenport will investigate. 
Apologies for Absence: Apologies were received from County air Richard Webber

Declaration of Personal and Prejudicial Interest: Cllr Simon Keogh reported that he is chairman of the Heart of Milton action group but his interest is personal and not pecuniary.

Clerk's Report: The Clerk reported that she will look into options for employing someone to complete the monthly payroll. The Council's printer which has been in service for at !east 10 years is no longer compatible 'with modern software. It was agreed tibia+, the (clerk should investigate a new printer. Following further problems with adding cheque signatories to the bank account. it was agreed to consider other banks.

Liaison Group Reports: Cllr Robert Fyfe reported that he will attend the Power Station Liaison meeting next week. Cllr Simon Glazebrook reported that the Environment Agency had cleared the stream from Pembroke Lane to Skew Bridge. However. there is no information on their plans for the Ginge. MEPC have cleared the stream from the other side of Manor Farm.

Play Areas - New Equipment: ClIrs Simon Glazebrook and Mark Smith exhibited proposals for the new play equipment at Squire Barrett at the CLP launch as the need for updated equipment was established by the CLP. It has become clear that outdoor fitness equipment is also wanted residents. It was agreed that it is important to maintain an open space and that further feedback needed before a decision is reached.

Community Led Plan - Adoption and Plans: The launch was well attended. It was agreed to review the results fully at another meeting