George Strange

We have lost another well-known and much loved parishioner in George Strange, who sadly passed away on Monday 07 November.


George was born in Milton on 02 November 1943 in High Street, Milton and moved to Sutton Road when he was diagnosed with asthma. He went to school at St Blaise, when it was in the village, and later to Larkmead in Abingdon.


After leaving school, he worked at Abingdon Tannery, Morris' at Cowley and Finefare in Summertown, where he was Assistant Manager. It was here he met Ann who became his wife in July 1970. Their son Darryl was born in May 1971 and they moved to Milton Heights a little while later.


George had various employments including one on Milton Park, then driving with Ock Hire and lastly with Habitat, where he unfortunately had an accident. He was unable to continue working as before and later suffered a heart attack and another accident in a DIY store, causing a spinal injury. He had operations on both eyes for cataracts and also on a muscle in one eye. He loved life, especially attending and videoing steam rallies, and was always at the Appleford Road Run.


George was not one to sit about and served the Parish for many years. He was a fervent councillor on the Parish Council, soon being Vice Chairman and then Chairman. Even when he had given up the council due to ill health, he continued in his role as one of the trustees of Milton Welfare Trust.


Since 2014, George had spent most of his time in one hospital or another, finally living in a nursing home where he had enjoyed cake on his 73rd birthday the previous week, along with Ann and Lorna, the widow of Mike Sleep, a previous Parish Council Clerk, who keeps in touch with Ann.


After the podiatrist had treated his feet due to his diabetes, George finally gave up on life and passed peacefully away.


His knowledge of the Parish has been invaluable over the years, and he will be sadly missed.


When you read this, his funeral will have taken place, but if you would like to give a donation to Cancer Research, you can do so, in George's memory, by sending your donation to the Funeral Director: Mr B Tonks, 158, Ock Street, Abingdon OX14 5DT.

Milton Parish Council

Betty Ralph

It is extremely sad to report that Betty Ralph died at 4pm in Abingdon Hospital on Monday 31 October. She was a dear friend of our family for more than 40 years. Betty first lived in Pembroke Lane, then moved to Heather Road. She always had a smile, with her cheery personality and had an amazing sense of humour. During her life she was an active member of the Women's Institute and a member of the Friday Art Class at Milton Methodist Church. For a number of years, she was Matron at Millbrook House School. She was such a lovely lady. I visited Betty in hospital the day before she died. She was in good spirits and was fun to talk to and share some memories. This parishioner was certainly a shining jewel in the Milton village crown. She will be greatly missed. God Bless.

Stuart Jarvis
Pembroke Lane


Betty worked for many years at Millbrook House School, firstly assisting in the dining room during lunch and then as Matron, until she retired in 2002.
We get many old boys, and past members of staff, calling in to see us and they always ask after Betty. She was kind and caring and very respected by the many boys, and few girls, who passed through Millbrook, their parents and all the staff.
Betty used to keep us amused during break times with her tales of things the boys has said or done, or the antics of her sons. She would tell us what Whisky, her dachshund, had destroyed in the kitchen - he had a habit of opening cupboards and pulling out the contents. Later tales were about her cats Alfie and Kizzy.
She had a great influence on the lives of many children, including our own.

Margaret, Simon and Helen Glazebrook

It is with sadness that we have to tell you of the death of Patrick Brunswick

Pat died peacefully at his daughters home in Brighton where he had lived for the last 20 months. Pat and his late wife Ruth lived at Milton Hill for 36 very happy years.


He had been a technician at King Alfred School Wantage and governor at Milton primary school. Pat had enjoyed taking part in council matters, delivered Milton Matters and Steventon News and many other aspects of community life.


Ruth's mother served as maid at Singer House and then as a nurse when the house was requisitioned in 1917. When moving back to Oxfordshire in 1978 they truly felt they were moving "home" although home was in fact down the road in Appleton.


Happy memories of a life well lived. Sally Buche, his daughter